Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’

‘Roman Holiday’ = H. Royal Domain ... Her Royal Domain to His Royal Domain

Elizabeth gets Her Haircut

55 minutes into Roman Holiday, Dogs Barking
An Alice in Wonderland moment: Princess An Elizabeth’s Portrait is Empty.  There never was a Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.  A French Cockerel crows “Cross the Border!”
Princess An Elizabeth, as Alice in Wonderland, Crosses the Border to Her Haircut of all Royal Style and Titles, rendering an Empty Portrait & No Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, not even on the coins ...  that’s Mrs Sanderson.  In Degrees Joseph Gregory is marked with Jacob’s Ladder.
Two Italian Police witness Elizabeth with No Portrait & Joseph Gregory with Jacobs Ladder whom Isis tracks.
Princess An Elizabeth looks at a 2½ year old girl = Queen Elizabeth II’s Princess Anne (b. Aug. 1950).
Joseph Gregory looks for Princess Ann Elizabeth in the European Market = European Economic Community − EEC.  The European Economic Community does not recognise Princess An Elizabeth as she is an illegitimate Bâtard so they look away, sidestep her, and walk on by.
The Jesus symbol is obscured for Elizabeth.
Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley points to the Watermelon, symbol of France without a King and Napoleon as its ousted Emperor ... designed to chase Princess An Elizabeth to her Haircut.
Princess An Elizabeth circles the Watermelon as the Greatest Threat to the British Throne.  Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is the usurping abortion.

This Jesus symbol is revealed ON THE SHIN PRECISELY for Joseph Gregory.

Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley has the Watermelon for Joseph Gregory to chase Princess Ann Elizabeth to her Haircut, but points out the Garlic for a Witch-Hunt.  Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley even says “So Shin for you” to Joseph Gregory ‘Sallust’ Hallett.  Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley says “So Shin for you” again, and again points out the Watermelon to Joseph Gregory, with which to chase Princess An Elizabeth to her Haircut.  For a Third Time Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley points out the Watermelon to Joseph Gregory, with which to chase Princess An Elizabeth to her Haircut and this time, he buys it.
Joseph now owns the Watermelon.

POIA PRESTO = THEN TO SOON.  Princess An Elizabeth buys X-cross Sandals showing Scales of Judgment in her Haircut.  Joe & Anna = “Jo-Anna” = ‘God is Gracious’.

The sign behind the Watermelon salesman reads:

ALVISE is Venetian for Ludwig ≈ All Wise ≈ ALTESSE = ‘HIGHNESS’.
ALFREDO POLACCI famously composed the 1947 song ‘POISON’.
ORE 21 PRECISE = on 9 p.m. precisely = ‘PRECISELY ON THE SHIN’.

Friday 11 August happened in 1950, 1961, 1967, 1972, 1978, 1989, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2017, 2023.

On Friday 11 August 2017, Precisely on the Shin, An Elizabeth II is known as Her Poison Highness & Joseph Gregory gets what he wants and get his way.

In the Rothschild’s Napoleonic Wars (1803−15) Napoleon took France and became Emperor of France (18 May 1804−6/11 April 1814).  The Allies took Paris and Napoleon was forced to abdicate, then sentenced to prison exile on Elba island.
Rothschild love creating new animal species and they replaced the Carrier Pigeon with their new Homing Pigeon, which they began training in 1814 to fly from Waterloo to Bank, London, in preparation for the 18 June 1815 Battle of Waterloo.
After only ten (10) months Napoleon was allowed to escape Elba island in February 1815, retaking France by 20 March 1815 without a shot.  When Wellington won the 18 June 1815 Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild sent their newly bred & trained Homing Pigeons from Waterloo to Bank in London in 2 hours 40 minutes, whereas the Pony Express took at least 18 hours and was further hassled and detained by Rothschild Agents.  Rothschild then leaked to the British “NAPOLEON WON WATERLOO”.
The British Public and Monarchy then cashed in all their bonds in the London Commodity Bourse/Stock Exchange on Monday 19 June 1815.  Rothschild bought these before the Pony Express arrived with real news.

By Thursday 22 June 1815, Nathan Mayer Rothschild was the richest man in Britain and the British Royal Family were bankrupt.  Rothschild now owned the breeding rights to the British Royal Family, which became Flat Lie Royal, resulting in the Rothschild-Windsors.  Napoleon was sentenced to prison exile on St Helena island in December 1815 and apparently died there 5½ years later on 5 May 1821.
However the 2001 film ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ (which has since claimed to be a re-imagining) shows Eugene Lenormand coming to St Helena as Napoleon’s body double, and Napoleon escaping to Paris.  Eugene Lenormand then refused to state he was a fake Napoleon, enjoyed the good food and wine, and died of Stomach Cancer on St Helena island on 5 May 1821 ... likely poisoned.  Napoleon then found himself announced ‘Dead’ in the Parisian papers and was unable to make his claim, so Napoleon sold Watermelons.
Napoleon’s body double, Eugene Lenormand, was buried on St Helena (May 1821–Dec. 1840) then brought to Paris for a State Funeral on 15 December 1840, then to St Jérôme’s Chapel (1840–61), then to Les Invalides in 1861 & entombed in a heavy stone sarcophagus.

According to ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ Eugene Lenormand is buried in Invalides, Sacre Coeur, and Napoleon is buried in St Thomas Cemetery, Paris.  However, the Duke of Wellington (1769–1852) stole ‘Napoleon’s body’, c.1838 and buried it in the Horse Guards at Whitehall, near Buck House.  The Duke of Wellington would then pace around ‘Napoleon’s grave’ talking to it, almost every morning that he could.  The Duke of Wellington was also offered the Crown of the United Kingdom c.1818, but refused it.
The French Revolutionary Wars (1792−1802) & Napoleonic Wars (1803−15) were used to Bankrupt the British Monarchy, twice, in 1800/1 & 1814/5.  This caused a chain reaction in the British Titles.

The Prefix King ...
By the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire [Germany], Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg [Hanover] (1714−1801) ...
was downgraded by Bankruptcy to a Suffix King & relied upon Faith ...
By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire [Germany], Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1801–1814) ...
was downgraded by a 2nd Bankruptcy, remaining a delinquent Suffix King, exchanged Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire [Germany] for the tiny Kingdom of Hanover, rendering the UKGB Monarch with a Prefix King of something − Hanover ... but still relied upon Faith ...
By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, King of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1814–37) ...
then remained a Suffix Queen, but lost Prefix Queen of Hanover ...
By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith (1837–1876).
So from 1800 to 1837 the Prefix King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire [Germany], Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg [Hanover] became the Suffix Delinquent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith.

1800−37 the Prefix Solvent King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Archtreasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire [Germany], Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg [Hanover] became the Suffix Delinquent Insolvent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith.
In 1800, King George III swallowed Brunswick-Lüneburg to offset debts, increase equity, or both, and began selling off the Duchy of Brunswick, but kept Lüneburg as the Kingdom of Hanover to increase equity and maintain a Prefix ‘King of’, albeit in Germany, and it’s tiniest Kingdom.
The Duchy of Brunswick was sold off or leased off in a confusion of ownership.

Brunswick was a confusing cash cow, 1815−1918, and Hanover was a Kingdom of Equity, 1714−1814/5−1837−1866−1901.
In 1800/01 & 1814/15 “King of Great Britain and Ireland” and “of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King” were both Bank-Rupted meaning connection to a Solvent Prefix King of Great Britain was lost.
The 1800/01 Prefix Style and Titles “King of Great Britain and Ireland” and the 1814/15 Suffix Style and Titles “of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King” had now thoroughly and completely gone to the Banks − being Rothschild ... Specialists in Inter-National Bank-Inter-Ruptcy.
As of 1815, the Suffix Delinquent Insolvent ‘of UKGB King’ could now only keep up appearances.
King George III (R. 1760–1820) had lost everything.
The Suffix Delinquent ‘of UKGB Queen’ could now only keep up appearances.
The Duke of Wellington (1 May 1769–1852) and Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769–1821+) were both Rothschild Agents (born 3½ months apart).
The Watermelon came to represent:
i. France losing its Monarchy in 1792 ...
ii. Commoner Napoleon becoming Emperor of France 1804−14 ...
iii. Ex-Emperor Napoleon escaping Elba island prison exile in 1815, Louis XVIII fleeing Paris, and Napoleon taking France’s Crown again ...
iv. Napoleon put in St Helena island prison exile in 1815, escaping in 1820, his Napoleon body double dying in 1821, then stolen by the British and buried in the Horse Guards in Whitehall, next to Buckingham Palace ...
v. Napoleon becoming an obscure Watermelon salesman in Paris, under threat of insanity, and dying in traced obscurity, with a second body double and third Napoleon buried in Les Invalides, Sacre Coeur ... and
vi. Still no French Monarchy, with its remains & Ormus Prieuré de Sion looking towards Great Britain for the Sangrëal Blood Royal ... and
vii. Searching for the Predicted One, The Prize, and or Founder of The Fifth Roman Empire, The Holy Empire, The Representative of the End Times and New Age, Ouroboros, and The Highest Representation of the Sun.
viii. Ultimately the Watermelon came to represent the Tradition Received Predictions of ‘Joseph Gregory’ in a Sovereign Union Marriage with the Suffix ‘of UKGB Queen’, receiving the UK Crown Hat, Throne & Crown once again.

Joe Gregory with Watermelon chases Princess An Elizabeth to the Trevi Fountain − one of Rome’s landmarks, to ensure her Haircut.  Princess An Elizabeth approaches the BARBIERE for her Haircut and sees her body of Style and Titles for the last time, after which she only has Colour of Law Style.
Princess An Elizabeth as Alice in Wonderland peers into the Looking Glass, Her Head turned by Commoners with no body of Styles.  Two Faces of Janis.  Alice peers behind Curtain and walks thru the Matrix.
Princess An Elizabeth enters the Barbers for a Style Cut chased by Joe Gregory with Watermelon = No French Monarchy & Napoleon without the French Empire.

Real-Life Predictive Programming at the Barbers in Rome.

Joseph Gregory threatens Princess An Elizabeth with a Watermelon, until Joe sees An Elizabeth has received the severe haircut from Mario Delani, whose initials “M.D.” = ‘Doctor’ = Jesuit Doctor who gave Princess Elizabeth her severe Styles and Titles haircut, 1947–52, formalised on 26 March 1953 and again on Coronation Day, 2 June 1953.
Mario Delani (M.D.) is played by the real-life Paolo Carlini, who was a close homosexual lover of Giovanni Montini, a Jesuit with a Doctorate in Canon Law (M.D.) and the most influential advisor to Pope Pius XII (1939–58).
Under Pope Pius XII, the Jesuit Dr. of Canon Law Giovanni Montini stripped Elizabeth of all her Style and Titles ... a haircut in toto.  Pope Pius XII then made Dr. Giovanni Montini, Archbishop of Milan (1954–63), who then became Pope Paul VI (1963–78) lover of this ‘Roman Holiday’ Barber.
M.D. Barber: “What a wonderful Heir/Hair you have, Missy Dega” = ‘Ma’am available to be degraded’. Princess An Elizabeth acknowledges she is ‘Ma’am available to be degraded’ and requests M.D. Barber to “Just Cut” her Style & Titles “thank you”.
Joseph Gregory watches over Princess Elizabeth’s Style and Titles Haircut with a Watermelon just inside the curtain of the Hairdresser.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Higher” = ‘Lower in Status’.  “More” = ‘More Titles Off & Less Style’ as she is threatened by the Watermelon.
Princess An Elizabeth asks to have her Styles and Titles cut above the Neck.
M.D. Jesuit Barber: “Are you sure Miss (Dega)?
Princess An Elizabeth: “I’m quite sure thank you.”  The Jesuits get their target to request their change voluntarily.
M.D. Barber: “All off?” Princess An Elizabeth: “All off !”
Joseph Gregory half-presents the Watermelon to Princess An Elizabeth, and stays just long enough to confirm All her Styles & Titles are Cut, and she is now just ‘An Elizabeth’.  This is a Toto Haircut ... everything off.  She looks very much like Elizabeth here ... also Toto − the dog in the Wizard of Oz, the Chief of Mischief and the trickster ... ‘Miss-Chief Trickster’.  Styles and Titles “Off !”
Joseph Gregory looks at the Watermelon, acknowledges its usefulness, and that it has been used, then gives it to some Cherubs playing on the White Horse of Hanover, then with a bad cut, in the Font of Titles.
Styles and Titles Cut “Off, argh !”  Four Times in the Four Directions = N.E.W.S.
Four Major Cuts for the Four Corners of the Earth cutting (4) England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales and (4) the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand all now cut off and disconnected.
Princess An Elizabeth now has No Style and Titles for (4) the British Empire, Dominions, British Commonwealth, nor Commonwealth and is now just ‘An Elizabeth’.
Princess An Elizabeth is left with No Body of Styles & Titles, only Styles above the Neck, which are Colour of Law Styles. This is ‘An Elizabeth’ − Commoner.
The Conception of Princess An Elizabeth as Queen has been Prevented.  The Haircut has been a Contraception preventing An Abortion, hence the “Rubber”.  Princess An Elizabeth is left with No Body of Styles & Titles, only Styles above the Neck, which are Colour of Law Styles.  This is ‘An Elizabeth’ − Commoner.
Joseph Gregory tries to find a Camera to capture the Non-Conception of Princess Elizabeth into the Commoner ‘An Elizabeth’ and ‘Never-a-Queen’.  Joseph Gregory is stifled by “Miss Rubber” who looks like a Contraceptive ... so what’s she doing in Rome!  The resulting Conception of Princess An Elizabeth into the Commoner An Elizabeth gives birth to the Abortion ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’.
The Body of the Hair of Princess Elizabeth is on the floor.  The Heir of Princess Elizabeth is Flawed.
Jesuit Dr. Barber: “Musician, Painting, I know, you model” = Elizabeth is now just a Commoner Modelling as a Princess “Thank you.”  An Elizabeth creates the ‘Infinity symbol’ meaning:

A Commoner Modelling as a Princess for a long time, until:
the End of the Shin c.2012;
Her Controller Prince Philip's Retirement in July 2017;
the majority realise Elizabeth is ‘Her Poison Highness’, being the
Fulcrum of the Shin at 9:00 p.m. GMT on Friday 11 August 2017;
quickly followed by the End of Elizabeth's cognizance;
with wide recognition that the Status Quo is
‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’;
perhaps ending with the Tribulations finale in 2019.

An Elizabeth: “It’s just what I wanted” ... Colour of Law Styles with No Body, a Flawed Heir, and No N.E.W.S. of No Lost Titles is Good News.
Joseph Gregory is the first to see Princess Elizabeth with No Body of Style and Titles, only Colour of Law Style above the Neck ... and that she is now just the Commoner ‘An Elizabeth’.
Leading up to the Spanish Steps and Gelato, the old hand clock shows “Quarter to One” + 1 200-year Shin 1812−2012: Quarter to One 1812+150 = 1962 -1 minute = 1961 = the year Joseph Gregory Hallett was born.
At this time, Princess An crosses Commoner Road to An Elizabeth & Gelati Alice in Wonderland counter-crosses Commoner Road and takes Elizabeth’s place as Princess Pretender.
Commoner Princess An Elizabeth buys a Gelato confirming she is the daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid Ice Cream.  Elizabeth is called back by G’HALLETTO for her change, which puts Elizabeth into a spin.  Commoner An Elizabeth is immediately followed by the Jesuit Doctor who gave Princess Elizabeth her Haircut.  Giovanni Montini casts a large Shadow all over Elizabeth’s body.  Joe “G’HALLETTO” watches on.
The Spanish Steps Florist gives Commoner An Elizabeth a Dandelion (Weed) confirming Elizabeth is not an English Rose, but an Irish-Scottish Weed.  An Elizabeth: “I’m sorry”, as she eats the Lyons Maid Ice Cream and accepts the Irish-Scottish Weed, as per her nicknames:

Lily la bonne − The Maid
Lilybeth la bonne − Elizabeth the Maid
Lilibet − The Daughter of the Maid.
The Hidden King of England — Arma Christi — Unveiling the Rose, pp. 585 & 642.

Joe Bradley, now Joseph G’Halletto, anonymously follows the now Commoner An Elizabeth up the Spanish Steps, moves past and above Commoner An Elizabeth, then walks down and pretends to chance into the now Commoner An Elizabeth eating her Lyons Maid ice cream ... being a Gelato – homophonous with G’Halletto – for Joseph Gregory Hallett ... whose character Joe/Joseph is played by Gregory Peck.
Joe: “Weeell, it’s you! ... Or is it?”
An Elizabeth: “Do you like it?” meaning her Total Haircut of all Style and Titles.
Joe: “Very much. So that was your mysterious appointment.”
An Elizabeth: “I have a confession to make” ... My Mysterious Appointment was taking a Haircut of all Style and Titles, becoming the Commoner An Elizabeth, with only Colour of Law Styles − Style from the neck up, with No Body of Heirs.
Ann Elizabeth: “It was only meant to be for an hour or two. They gave me something last night to make me sleep.” In film, an Hour = a Decade of Life = presented as Snow White. An Elizabeth was only supposed to be Queen, 1953–73, then the important Royal Style and Titles were given to Joseph Gregory Hallett in 1974.
Joseph Gregory: “Oh I see” ... and he’s the first one who does ... Joseph Gregory G’Halleto. Drugged out An Elizabeth finishes her Lyons Maid G’Halleto Ice Cream and immediately requires a Rothschild Taxi to report back to her Financial Trinity. Elizabeth is 3/16th Rothschild. Joseph Gregory G’Halleto offers to show Princess An Haircut Elizabeth the CommonWorld, as opposed to the CommonWealth: “Why don’t you take a little time for yourself?”
Princess An Haircut Elizabeth: “It may be another hour” = It may be another decade (1953−73/83ish). Joe Gregory G'Halletto: “Live dangerously: Take the whole day!” = to the End of the Shin in 2012, Tribulations 2012–19, End Times 2014, Fulcrum of the Shin on 11 August 2017 when the public know Elizabeth as ‘Her Poison Highness’, or End of Elizabeth’s lifetime c. 2019. “The whole day” is later marked as ‘March–April 2017’.
Ann: “I could do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do.”
Joe: “ Like what?”
Ann: “Oh, you can’t imagine ... I’d, I’d like to do just whatever I like, the whole day long” = Elizabeth’s entire Reign as non-Queen was extended from 1973–83–2010, 2012, 2014, 2017–19.
Joe: “You mean, things like having your hair cut ... Eating gelato?” ... Haircut of all Style & Titles & naming “J. G’halleto”.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Yes, and I’d like to ... walk in the rain!” = Reign = pretend to be Queen ...
Commoner Elizabeth is asking Pharaoh Joseph Jacob’s Ladder G’Halleto to take her for a walk in the Reign.
“Have fun, & maybe some excitement & two boy children with Commoners. It doesn’t seem much to you, does it?”

Joseph Gregory Hallett: “It’s Great [Britain].

Tell you what ... why don’t we do all those things ... together.”

= Reign together ... so GREat Britain’s Coins read:


“The next step/stop is G.ROCCA”.

    = Greg. Royal. ex-Pacific (OCCA = Coca).

‘Roman Holiday’ = H. Royal Domain, Hers to His, giving “R” for ‘Royal’ & “H” for ‘His’ ‘Hallett’.
H + G.ROCCA + Gelato (anagrams) GReG. Haloet acc.

Joe: “Today’s gonna be a Holiday” = Royal Birthday or Marriage = Reign Together (Romans 12:5).

Princess An Elizabeth fronts as Queen, but has no Titles.
Ann: “But don’t you have to work ... But you’ll want to do a lot of silly things.”
Joe: “Don’t I.” Joseph Gregory has the Titles and what he says and the silly things he does things turn portentous ... carried out to their fullest history-making.
To confirm Elizabeth was born illegitimate above the Coach & Horses pub ... and Jo-An’s simultaneous Reign ... Joseph Gregory Hallett & Princess An Elizabeth are in G.ROCCA’s café while simultaneously watching themselves in the Coach & Horse drive between the Pantheon and G.ROCCA.
The lead names combined: “Jo-Anna” = ‘God is Gracious’.  The Pantheon represents ‘Many Gods’, and was the Pantheon of Architecture for 19 Centuries (27/14BC−1850s).

Sitting in G.ROCCA’s cafe, Joseph G’Halletto & Princess An Elizabeth watch as their doubles in the same clothes pass in the Coach & Horse = Princess An Elizabeth born above the Coach & Horses pub.
Double-Joe wears Sunglasses.  To WWII Vets = ‘the Pacific’.
Prince Philip walks past and double-crosses the Admiralty.
G.ROCCA = GROCER = Mayfair Grocer = Royal Secrets being passed on = London Mayfair Grocer Dennis Wheatley receiving the Royal Fork Secrets from King George VI.

Joe Gregory: “What’ll the people in [Royal] School say when they see your new Haircut” ... of all Style or Titles.
Princess An Elizabeth: “They’ll have a fit ... What would they say if they knew I’d spent the night in your room?” = a lifetime in your bed.  7 hours = 7 decades.  That’s a long time to sleep in someone else’s bed & have Jacob’s Ladder lucid dreams.
Princess An Elizabeth: “It’s a Pact” between Princess Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory’Halletto.
Princess Elizabeth toasts the Pact with Champagne and Joseph Gregory Hallett toasts the Pact with a Cold Coffee.
This Pact started c.1783 with Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s Jacob’s Ladder Lucid Dream ... for the 1812−2012 200-year Shin, concluding in the Tribulations with Queen Elizabeth II handing over the Crown hat, Throne & Crown to The Prize − Joseph Gregory Hallett.

“The Forty Years” 1910−50 is from the Regicide of Prince Marcos Manoel, King John II of Great Britain to the Retaliatory Murder of Edward VII in May 1910, when George became 2nd in line to the Throne and 40 years later in 1950 King George VI (1936−52) confessed the Fork in the Main Trunk of the Royal Family Tree to the ‘MAYFAIR GROCER’ Dennis Wheatley = G.ROCCA.
Pharaoh Joseph Gregory: “It’s hard work.”
Princess Elizabeth: “Yes, I wouldn’t care for it.”
Pharaoh Joseph Gregory: “Does he?”
Princess Elizabeth: “I’ve heard King George VI complain about it” ... exposing the Fork in the Royal Family Tree at the Mayfair Grocers.
Pharaoh Joseph Gregory: “Why doesn’t he quit.”
Princess Elizabeth: “People in that line of work almost never do ... quit ... urhh ... unless it’s actually unhealthy for them to continue.”
“It’s actually unhealthy for them to continue.”
Princess Elizabeth: “What is your work ... what do you sell?” ... the Coach & Horse’s neigh ...
Joe Gregory: “Oh, I sell ... Fertilizer ... Chemicals ... Chemicals stuff like that”.
Coach & Horse’s neigh & Princess An Elizabeth blows off her Straw wrapping to affirm and confirm Elizabeth was :
1. Born above the ‘Coach & Horses’ Pub
2. Strawman Princess in 'Name Only'
3. Has ‘No Body of Style and Titles’,
4. ‘No Body of Heirs’; and
5. Elizabeth is a ‘Strawman Nobody’.

Princess An Elizabeth Blows the wrapping off ‘Her Straw’ confirming she is a ‘Strawman Princess’, in ‘Name Only’, having ‘No Body of Style and Titles’, ‘No Body of Heir’ ... and is a ‘Strawman Nobody’.
To further confirm this, 11 years later (1953–64) in the musical film ‘My Fair Lady’ = “Mayfair Lady”, the lead character ‘Eliza Doolittle’ = “Elizabeth Do Little” played by the same Audrey Hepburn who is Princess An with Haircut ... both roles portray ‘Princess Elizabeth with No Style or Titles & Does Little’.
In ‘Roman Holiday’ a.k.a. ‘H. Royal Domain’, from the Grocca-Grocer, Joseph Gregory Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth are Reigning together until the End of the Tribulations, 2019–20.

Joe Gregory: “Irving, well am I glad to see you.”
Irving: “Why, did you forget your W’hallett?”  “Wallet” is pronounced “Wh” as in ‘Whallet’ = Hallett.
The Old Axiom goes: “There is no King who isn’t descended from a Slave, and no Slave who isn’t descended from a King.”  In the Tribulations & End Times (2010–19) this is fully enacted with absolutely everything removed, then ‘The Prize’ taken from Poverty to Kingship in one move ... as confirmed by ‘from Kether to Malkuth’.  (see ‘How David Bowie rendered The King of England in the End Times’, DVD, 2015/6.
Note the Reporter Joe Gregory is always in debt to his Editor, Landlord and Photographer.

Although 56 Billion Great Britain Coins are inscribed: “ELIZABETH II GREG HALET”, blacklisting began in 1974, with total blacklisting in 2007 when the Hunted became the Hunter ... rendering no income for the decade leading up to the transfer of H. Royal Domain (1974–2007–2017).
Joe: “This is a very good friend of mine Irving Radovich, Anya ... Irving.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Smith.”
Irving: “Hi, Smitty” = Walter Mitty = thinks she’s still Princess.
Princess An Elizabeth Smith-Walter Mitty: “Charmed.”
Irving: “Hey arhh, anybody ever tell you, you’re a dead ringer for ummph.”

“Ringer” is ‘a look-alike’.  A Dead Ringer is a look-alike of a Strawman, or Dead Entity.
Princess Elizabeth was conceived by Artificial Insemination with Winston Churchill’s Sperm injected into Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid.  The next step was ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ in 1977 resulting in Louise Brown born in 1978 (8/7 = Royal).  Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter was called Louise Brown, a Commoner with John Brown, being Child ♯11.  “Irving” anagrams ‘I-V-Ring’; “Radovich” = Rado = Radical; “vich” = ‘daughter of’ = ‘Radical daughter of I-V-Ring’. When the character ‘Irving’ says: “You’re a Dead Ringer for Princess An”, Irving is confirming Princess An Elizabeth was conceived by Artificial Insemination into Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid with Winston Churchill’s sperm, resulting in the Commoner An Elizabeth, who sits before Irving as a Dead Ringer – a Strawman look-alike of a Royal ... who is not genuine.

Joe Gregory: “Join us, join us, join us.”  “Join us” said 3 times is an incantation ‘TO JOIN ELIZABETH & GREG as done on the UKGB coins 1968−2015.
Irving Radovich: “Well just until Francesca gets here.”  Francesca = Francisco ... both make a brief appearance.
People don’t know what they are, so Princess An Elizabeth says: “Tell me Mr er er Radovich, what is a Ringer?”
Irving Radovich: “Oh ah Waiter” as in ‘Francesca/Francisco will be waiting in the wings’.
Irving: “If it wasn’t for that hair/Heir (Francisco Manoel) I’d swear that ...”
Joe Gregory tips Irving off his Chair.  Irving is picked up by a Franciscan Monk and Jesuit Priest together.

In May 2013 Joseph Gregory Hallett and Francisco Manoel were sitting in an outdoor cafe in Lisbon. Seven or eight (7/8) Jesuit Priests with the same perfume were listening in.  Returning to Joe's locked and shuttered hotel room that night, the same perfume was inside.

Princess An Elizabeth: “Better now? ... Your Ear?” Heir?
Irving: “Oh Yeah, er, Joe fixed it, er.”
“Heir” is said four times, making it an incantation.  The Heir was sick and Joe Gregory wHallet fixed it.
Irving: “Er, would you care for a cigarette?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Yes, please.  You won’t believe this, but it’s my very first.”
Joe Gregory: “Your very first.”
Irving lights Princess An Elizabeth’s first cigarette by Camera.  This is the compromise photographed for extortion.  Princess An Elizabeth instantly blows a Crown of Smoke & Mirrors then says: “There’s Nothing to it” meaning ‘There is Nothing to her Crown’.
Irving (CIA): “That’s right: Nothing to it.”

As they leave BAR GROCCA, Princess An Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory w’Hallet briefly meet Francesca / Francisco.  “AR” = ALTESSE ROYALE = ‘His Royal’ Highness Francesca / Francisco ... with heavy sideburns, Francesca is Portuguese & represents a male ... Francisco Manoel (b. 1955, Portugal). Princess An Elizabeth calls herself “Smithy” and acknowledges Altesse Royale Francesca.  Francesca as Francisco Manoel.  R = Joseph Gregory Royal acknowledges Francisco Manoel.
Irving calls out to “Joe” who is strolling between Pantheon Columns.
Francesca/Francisco Manoel sits in the Altesse Royale Chair An Elizabeth sat in blowing her Crown of Smoke & Mirrors.  Francesca is in & out of Roman Holiday in 21 seconds = confirming the Shin ... predicting Francisco Manoel will do the same.

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