Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’ —
Elizabeth & Joe’s Sovereign Union Marriage

‘Roman Holiday’ = H. Royal Domain ... Her Royal Domain to His Royal Domain

72 minutes into Roman Holiday
Princess An Elizabeth blows a Crown of Smoke and Mirrors and says “Nothing to it”.  The CIA agrees.
A Twin-Tail Plane lands bearing a Fake Royal Insignia.
At least 16 Men in black leave under the Twin-Tail = H-Tail ... Tail ≈ Tale = Story − H-story ≈ Hallett-story.
Twin H-Tail Plane = The Elizabeth-Hallett Tale Plain.
The Tail stabilizes the flight, so the Twin H-Tail with Royal Insignia = the Elizabeth-Hallett Plain Royal Tale facilitates the Royal Flight.
Men in Black on the streets of Rome watch Joseph Gregory holding the Reigns of the Vespa (Wasp) as Princess An Elizabeth rides sidesaddle behind hanging on for her public life.
Joseph Gregory G’haleto Whallet Hallett drives Princess An Elizabeth through Rome on a Scooter.
The Scooter represents ‘Scots’.  Princess An rides sidesaddle = An Elizabeth is not in-line with the Scots, but is in fact Irish, a sidesaddle daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid from the wrong side of the sheets.
“Vespa” means ‘Wasp’, whereas Royals are represented by Bees ... there is to be no honey from Princess Elizabeth, who is a drone stinger from the wrong side of the Irish Sea.

CIA Irving’s number plate is “Roma 12:05” = Romans 12:5: Joseph Gregory & Princess An Elizabeth are Joined as One, the same body in Christ, and individual members of each other’s lives ... confirmed when Joe then extends his arms out left & right twice, as Christ on the Cross.
Princess An Elizabeth riding the Scot/Scooter Sidesaddle as a Wasp/Vespa & Not a Royal Bee.
The Road/Royal Warden blows his Whistle to pull over the Vespa for illegal use of a Queen’s Highway ... an Irish Wasp pretending to be a Royal Scot/Scooter Bee, confirmed by Princess An Elizabeth sidesaddle.
Joseph Gregory checks on the legality of Princess An Elizabeth ... who is photographed compromised in the ceremony.
Pss. An Elizabeth evades and escapes any Interrogation into her Legitimacy.
Elizabeth’s Interrogation Photos are Retained for CIA Extortion.
Joe Gregory chases Princess An Elizabeth, a Wasp unlawfully reigning over the Scots/Scooter on the Queen’s Highway. Joe Gregory climbs on the Royal Scot Passenger Seat as confirmed by the Grand Collar of Scotland.  Joseph Gregory Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth take the Reigns off each other sporadically, in 1967−68, 1974, 1980−84, 1989, 1996−97 & 2010−17.
Princess An Elizabeth drives on the left, as does Joseph Gregory Hallett.
Elizabeth Reigns the Scooter in the opposite direction to the ‘Font of Titles’ Water Truck, which sprays out and hits CIA Photographer Irving’s vehicle, and not An Elizabeth ... but does the Font of Titles water land on Joseph Gregory?
Elizabeth Reigns as a Wasp over the Scots crashing through Markets, Trades, Food & Beverages ... which is what really makes people stand up to her, not for her.  Elizabeth crashes through Markets, Domestic Products, Artisans & Island Paradises ... until her Namesake Past finally catches up with her.
POLIZIA ... PO = BIT = LIZIA-BIT = ELIZABETH ... PO is also a Chamber Pot to piss in = RICH ELIZABETH. POLIZIA = ELIZABETH.  The POLICE or Piss Rich ELIZABETH give chase to Herself & Joe Gregory who doesn’t have a Pot to Piss in.
In the POLIZIA Station, Joseph Gregory ties a Windsor Knot = Marriage to Elizabeth.  Princess An Elizabeth is already tied & handfasted = betrothed.
The Markets complain to Princess An Elizabeth who is handfasted but still offers to be handcuffed, but E-LIZIA-BETH is the PO-LIZIA and one cannot arrest themselves.
Joseph Gregory Hallett offers his Credentials − Elizabeth does not − POLIZIA/ELIZABETH check Joe’s Credentials twice, accepted as American News Service “ANS”.
ANS = American News Service ... ANS = Authoritative Name Server ... ANS = Carriage Control Characters Joseph Gregory Hallett then indicates he is in someway married to Princess An Elizabeth ... who in someway is the PoLizia.  The Score plays the Wedding March ‘Here Comes the Bride’.  This is the Score − a Marriage of an uncertain nature, but “Joined as One” (Romans 12:5) and done in the real life Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic (i.e POLIZIA building).
Princess An Elizabeth is now Mrs Elizabeth Hallett, confirmed in the 2012 ‘Skyfall’ where James Bond’s National Gallery backdrop is the Marriage of Elizabeth to Hallett.

Joseph Gregory Hallett signs the Polizia Document.   Elizabeth witnesses & acknowledges the Polizia Document.  This is also the Elizabeth Royal Document, which lays out in Royal Stamps, Coat of Arms, Coins, Royal Style and Titles ... all confirmed by Queen Elizabeth II ... as well as Perfumes, Ice Creams, Films, Cartoons & Deodorant ... the Labours to be fulfilled and the Rewards to be had, should Joseph Gregory Hallett succeed as ‘The Prize’ to take the Reigns.  The marriage of Joseph Gregory Hallett & Princess An Elizabeth is defined by Roma 12:5 as ‘Joined as One’, ‘That’s the Score’ and ‘Here comes The Bride’.
Joseph Gregory Hallett signs to confirm his Credentials and the marriage.  The Polizia sign for Elizabeth who is handfasted, neck-tied & held back.  Joseph Gregory Hallett then pulls Mrs Pss. Elizabeth Hallett off the stage and Elizabeth nods to herself, the Polizia.  All the Markets wait for confirmation of the signing off of Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Credentials.
All European Markets, Trades, Food & Beverages, Domestic Products, Artisans & Island Paradises accept Joseph Gregory’s Credentials & the Roman 12:5 marriage of Joseph Gregory and Princess Elizabeth Hallett ... as do the Police, Secret Societies, Vatican & Holy See.
Princess Ann in front of the PO- LIZIA vehicle confirms she is Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Elizabeth: “Amerian News Service? – What did he mean?” ‘American’ is mispronounced ‘Amerian’ rendering just “ANS”.  Mercia = Middle Aged Middle England (A.D. 527–918) Predictive Programming: J.G. Hallett is 52–57 (55) & Elizabeth is 91.
ANS = ‘Authoritative Name Server’ & ‘Carriage Control Characters’.  “Carriage” = Coach & Horses.  “Control Characters” = Person with the Controlling Information.
“Authoritative Name Server” = Authority to name the person who serves as King or Queen ... Authority to name anyone with Style & Titles.  ANS = Font of Titles ... naming Joseph Gregory Hallett as a Font of Titles.
Joseph Gregory Hallett has ANS Credentials, and as such is the Authoritative Name Server Controlling Coach & Horses Characters, and thereby in Charge of Queen Elizabeth II, who was given to Joseph Gregory Hallett on 7 October 2011.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Amerian News Service? What did he mean?”  Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Huh?  Oh, well, you know: say you’re with the Press and you can get away with anything.”

Roman Holiday or H. Royal Domain uses as the POLIZIA a building built as the Papal Tribunal, which then became the ‘Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic’ ... incorporating reality.  Established in 1948, CCIR tried to become effective on 14 March 1953, but was ineffective until its first President on 23 January 1956.
The ineffective years of 1948–56 allowed Elizabeth to be Mistakenly Declared (M.D.) ‘Queen’ on 6 February 1952 & 2 June 1953, but with her Styles and Titles removed – the Haircut – and only left with Colour of Law Styles.  The compromise is Elizabeth became a Suffix “of the United Kingdom ... Queen”, meaning Elizabeth is a Delinquent Insolvent Suffix Sovereign (DISS) always subject to ‘The Prize’ becoming the new Font of Titles.  This placed Joseph Gregory Hallett on an equal footing with Elizabeth.
When the Crowd of European Complainants exit the Sovereign Union Marriage (SUM) they congratulate Princess An Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory Hallett on their Marriage, on their Union, which is Sovereign ... coming full cycle with Brexit Article 50 on 29 March 2017.  The Score is a Sovereign Union Marriage joined as one – perfect timing!
European Markets & Vatican exit the ‘H. Royal Domain’ POLIZIA − the real-life ‘Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic’ − to congratulate Princess An Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory Hallett on their Sovereign Union Marriage - that’s the S.U.M. of it. ... Celebrated with a Kiss or Peck, as in Gregory Peck playing Joseph Gregory Hallett.
European Markets, Vatican and Elizabeth’s Police were Witnesses to the Marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Joseph Gregory Hallett ... the new Font of Titles and “The Prize”.
Irving: “Ha! Go to Church to get Married on a Scooter − that’s a hot one. Joe’s a wonderful liar!”
Princess An Elizabeth: “You don’t have to look so worried; I won’t hold you to it.”
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Thank you very much.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “You don’t have to be too grateful.”
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Okay, I won’t.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I’m a good liar too, aren’t I, Mr. Bradley?”
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “The best I ever met.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Thank you very much.”

The Germans were so convinced of the Marriage of Princess An Elizabeth to Joseph Gregory G’Halleto W’Hallett they changed the Style and Title of the 1953 ‘Roman Holiday’ to ‘Ein Herz und eine Krone’ – ‘One Heart and one Crown’ affirming a Sovereign Union Marriage and Romans 12:5 Joined as One ... confirmed by the building used ... the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic masquerading as POLIZIA − Police Station ... both of which are valid marriage places ... and both name Elizabeth.
Joseph Gregory Hallett to Princess An Elizabeth: “Say: ‘Come with me’.”

In 1953 ‘Roman Holiday’ anagrammed ‘H. Royal Domain’ predicting ‘Her Royal Domain’ transferred to ‘His Royal Domain’ 64 years later ... 1953–2017 ... over the same “European Federation” issue.  The Knights Templar (“9”) are in charge of Kingship.  Nine (9) days before Article 50 of Brexit was signed, the marriage of Princess An Elizabeth (QEII) and Joseph Gregory Hallett was confirmed in the ‘Daily Mail’ on 20 March 2017, page 23, Witnessed by the new Duke of Westminster on pages 1 & 7.

This showed an image from ‘Skyfall’ released in London 34 days after the End of the Shin (19 September–23 October 2012) in Room 34.  James Bond is in the National Gallery East-end Room 34, which is above ‘33’ ... so ‘this is Illuminati Knowledge’.  October ≈ Octagon ≈ Royal topic. ‘Skyfall’ is about ‘The Fall of M’ ≈ ‘The Fall of the Royal Monarch’.  Bond faces a Joseph William Turner (shown 3 times for 11 seconds) of ‘a warship tugged for breaking up’ whereas behind Bond & M, shown 8 times for 54 seconds is a Gainsborough Oil Painting of ‘Elizabeth just before her marriage to William Hallett in the Summer of 1785’ ≈ when MA Rothschild lucidly dreamed the Shin Pact on Jacob’s Ladder.  Elizabeth & Hallett are both 21 years old = the Shin & Forbidden Secret.
In 2012, the marriage of Elizabeth Hallett marked the End of the Shin and a Sovereign Union Marriage Joined as One.  Roma 5:12 is the Score.
‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ on the left refers to the
Commoner Princess An Elizabeth Mistakenly Declared (M.D.) ‘Queen’.

Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘The Morning Walk’ celebrating the upcoming 1785 Summer Marriage of Elizabeth to William Hallett (both aged 21) indicates a Double Shin − a Forbidden Secret that has become a Pact ... and part of the Tradition Received ... but very high, like an M.O. strong enough to reset the Subconscious of the Planet.

Joseph William Turner’s War-Horse Graveyard = Elizabeth II is defunct ... shown 3 times for 11 seconds total.
Q: “What do you see?”
James Bond: “Bloody Big Ship” = The Crown as Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars ... “accuse me”.
James Bond: “Ah, so why do you need me.”
Q: “Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled.”
James Bond: “... or not pulled.  It’s hard to know which in your Pyjamas.”

Q: “Walther PPK/S 9 mm Short” anagrams ‘W. Halet Pr. PK S 9’ ≈ William Hallett Princely Pact Sovereign Kingship (Pact ≈ PacK) ... “Encoded to your palm print so only you can fire it ... less of a random killing machine, more of a Personal Statement.”  “Personal Statement” ≈ ‘Sovereign Pact’ ... “Standard issue Radio Transmitter” ≈ ‘SirT’ = Certain ... “And that’s it.”
James Bond: “Gun & Radio. Not exactly Christmas, is it?” ... but it turns out to be the origin of Christmas.

1785 was around the time “the Shin” was dreamt.  The double Shin Forbidden Secret Tradition Received Pact may have been recorded in this Elizabeth-Hallett painting. Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘The Morning Walk’ ... a Jacob’s Ladder lucid dream conversation piece.  The Marriage of Elizabeth Hallett (21 +21) in THE SACKLER ROOM 34 ... the illuminati says “Sack-Her”.
Elizabeth is ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ ... Elizabeth Queen ... ‘Q’ ... Elizabeth Hallett

Daily Mail, Monday, March 20, 2017, page 23,  “A TREASURED Gainsborough has been vandalised at the National Gallery ... The vandal used ... a drill bit.”  ‘The Elizabeth-Hallett Marriage’ was scored with ‘a bit’ = ‘beth’. Bit = Po = Po-lizia = E-lizia-bit = Elizabeth. Drill = Dr.ill = Doctored illegitimate = Doctored Elizabeth.  In one of her many Abdications, the Doctored illegitimate Elizabeth was required to Notice the Public of the Sovereign Union Marriage of Princess An Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory Hallett 63 years earlier (1953–2017).
“A 63-year-old man was charged yesterday [Sunday, 19 March 2017] with causing criminal damage to a painting at the National Gallery.  He will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today [Monday 20th = all part of the Score].”  If he was born Coronation Day, 2 June 1953, he’d be 63 years old + 9½ months ... shades of the Duke of Westminster, Coach & Horses Pub, Chanel No 5 vs. 17 Bruton St, and Silver the Metal of Kings no longer backing the Pound.

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square overlooks Charing Cross, which officially Marks the Center of London and where the New King is announced.  The National Gallery looks between Four Turin Lions, thru Nelson’s Column 166 yards to King Charles I on horseback ... K–I–N–G.  Charles was not executed & moved to Cumberland with Lady Anne Clifford, their finances passed through his Lord Chamberlain Montgomery.

Just as King Charles I didn’t die on 20 January 1648 (O.S.) or 30 January 1649 (N.S.) and gained a new life with the King’s purse ... Greg Hallett didn’t die 16 times, his name set in stone on 56 billion UK Coins.  Joseph Gregory Hallett discovered the non-death of King Charles I, where he lived and where he is buried. ©JGH.  [The BBC should make contact.]

Article 50 for Brexit was claimed as signed & delivered less than 60 hours before the EU was allowed to invade.  The EU Military was fully present in the UK, whereas the UK has 2 tanks, 2 ships & 2 planes.  The whole WWIII scenario was very close, and a closely kept secret.  Now we have to wait 2 years to 29 March 2019 ... which marks the end of the Tribulations.

The Bee is represented by the Helicopter, especially in orange-yellow.  The Royal Bee & Helicopters flew around & over Joseph Gregory Hallett on Brexit Day ... just as England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland got their United Kingdom back, in 2 years time, with Northern & Southern Ireland due to re-Unite.
On Article 50 Brexit Day, 29 March 2017, a live Bee turned up and flew around Joseph Gregory Hallett’s feet as a Mark of Kingship.  There was a Wasp nearby, representing Elizabeth II, the suffix never-a-Queen ... a Vespa un-Uniting the Kingdom.

In real time, as this was written, the 29 March 2017 Brexit Article 50 was marked with three Helicopter Flyovers ... the first two at 3:22 p.m., one after the other.
The 1st, a Grey-White Helicopter with blue & orange stripe overhead at 3:22:01 21 metres Up.
The 2nd, a Yellow-Orange rescue-style Helicopter overhead at 3:22:59, 21 metres East doing an arc from the east.
An Arc = an Arch = a Gate = Eastern Arch = Ishtar Gate from above.
The 3rd pass was a Yellow-Orange rescue-style Helicopter at 4:10 p.m. = “10:4”, doing a 70-metre wide arc (Arch) encompassing East-South-West, returning North, so a full circle indicating a complete cycle or ‘A Completed Cycle’. Yellow-Orange Helicopter = Bumblebee = Royal message.
The Bees and Symbolic Bees were another confirmation of Joseph Gregory Hallett as The Prize, Prince Pretender, Tenant King, and King of the United Kingdom ... Actually sent by Elizabeth herself, an hour up the road in Sandringham, just 15 minutes by Helicopter.
There were at least six Helicopters swarming around – entirely unique.
Brexit was ‘accomplished’ with No Thanks to Elizabeth II ... ‘An Illegitimate who Could Not Claim Sovereignty for the Nation’.

The new Duke of Westminster on the Front & page 7 and the Under-Scored Elizabeth Hallett ‘Joined as One’ in their S.U.M. Sovereign Union Marriage on page 23 of the Monday 20 March 2017 Daily Mail.

... 19 September 1812 – 19 September 2012 – 23 October 2012 ... 34 Days after the End of the 200-Year Shin, Joseph Gregory Hallett was marked as running the End of the Shin in Room 34 of the National Gallery, marking Elizabeth & Hallett as equals in the Center of London.
Within this Gregory Hallett was acknowledged as working with two James Bonds ... Dennis Wheatley’s Gregory Sallust rendering Gregory Tall Sus-Het Hallett, John Ainsworth-Davis & John Tall Pine (NZ) with Dennis Wheatley’s Gregory Sallust acknowledged as an inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond character, where Wheatley served wine to the Duke of Westminster, Coco Chanel & King George V & VI, with the new Duke of Westminster published on the front page of the Daily Mail on the same day ... 20 March 2017.
All of this was Predictively Programmed to the Public in August 1953, Under-Scored by the Elizabeth-Hallett Joined-as-One Marriage Under-Scored by the Dr.’d Illegitimate Elizabeth, wherein the Elizabeth-Hallett marriages of 1785, 1953, 2012 & 2017 are listed as Grade I “TREASURE”, complimented with a Trinity of Royal Bee Royal Arch Ishtar Gate Flyovers scoring the S.U.M. Sovereign Union Marriage. 34 Illuminati call this a Golden Delta moment ... Apex of the Pyramid.

Joseph Gregory Hallett has been in charge of “the Shin”.  It is a great honour, perhaps the highest honour, and moves and shakes with his other Labours.  James Bond acknowledged this. Queen Elizabeth II also acknowledged this.  It’s part of the transfer of the Crown.

The Shin moment was predicted on Friday 11 August 1950 at 9 p.m. Rome time.  Italy did not observe Daylight Saving Time 1950–59, so its CET was the same as London’s Summertime GMT+1.
April–October 1950–59 Rome and London were in the same Time Zone.
This places the moment of the Shin at 9:00 p.m. Friday 11 August 2017 British Summertime GMT+1, and 10:00 p.m. CEST = CET +1 in Rome.

10 Antlers = Regal Deer = Skyfall = Regal Skyfall ... the Sky falls in on the Flat Lie Royals.
‘BMT216A’ was 2nd on a silver-birch Aston Martin DB5 in ‘‘Goldfinger’ released 17 September 1964, played by Sean Connery (1962–71 & 1983).
The Majesterial Secret Service added weighted intent to James Bond when a real James Bond coached a James Bond actor in the 1960s.
‘BMT216A’ 1st appeared on a dubonnet red Aston Martin DB5 in ‘The Saint’ (1962−69) aired on 9 January 1964, played by Roger Moore, who became James Bond (1973−85) ≈ Sainted James Bond.
M: “Christ ...”  M Sainted James Bond: “Uh-hmm.”  M: “No wonder you never came back.”
Joseph Gregory to Elizabeth: “Say: ‘Come with me’ ... ‘The Mouth of Truth’ ... legend is that if you’re given to lying, put your hand in there, it’ll be bitten off.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Oohh, what a horrid idea.”
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Let’s see you do it” . . .
Princess Elizabeth fails to put her hand in ‘The Mouth of Truth’, then challenges Joseph Gregory.
Joseph Gregory Hallett puts his hand in ‘The Mouth of Truth’.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Oh, you’ve never hurt your hand” ... 12 years later (in 1965) Joseph Gregory Hallett’s whole hand was burnt at 400 Degrees Celsius, such that all 7 layers of skin peeled off, then completely healed and impossible to tell which hand. Once burnt, twice shy, now both hands tell the Truth. Princess An Elizabeth: “Oh, you’ve never hurt your hand” ... because you can’t tell − there are no scars. Joseph Gregory opens the door for Princess An Elizabeth’s Exit. Princess An Elizabeth keeps the door open for Joseph Gregory’s Entrance. This is a difficult & ungainly Passage. It is ‘The Eye of a Needle’ one has to pass through . . . and the scene is at ‘Rome’s Wall of Wishes’.
Passing through ‘The Eye of a Needle’ = “By the Grace of God”.
UK Coins record this as “D.G.” = ‘DEL GRACIA’, but Ancient-Latin is invalid in the United Kingdom, so “D.G.” = ‘Duke Governor’ = ‘Prince due to become King’.
Joseph Gregory Hallett owns a Royal Mark of Prince Regent Duke Governor.
When Joe gets out of this vehicle with some difficulty, Roman Holiday (H. Royal Domain) is saying:
‘Joseph Gregory Hallett is a Prince due to become King’... from ‘Her Royal Domain’ to ‘His Royal Domain’ is entranced.
At the Rome Wall of Wishes: Princess An Elizabeth: “What do they mean?  All these inscriptions.”
Joseph Gregory: “Well, each one represents a wish fulfilled.  All started during the war.  It was an air raid, right out here.  A man with his four (4) children was caught in the street.  They ran over against the wall, right there, for shelter; prayed for safety.  Bombs fell very close, but no one was hurt.  Later on the man came back & he put up the first of these tablets.  Since then it’s become sort of a shrine.  People come, and whenever their wishes are granted, they put up another one of these little plaques.”
This is a direct parallel to King George VI who had four (4) children: an Epileptic Son left to die on the hospital gurney in 1924; Elizabeth (not his) born in 1926; George born in New Zealand, Christmas 1927; & Margaret (not his) born in 1930.
The bomb fell 1940−41 at W1S 1PY in Maddox Place, Mayfair, London, and missed 17 Bruton St by 350 Yards ... ‘I SPY Windsor’.  No. 17 Bruton St was then destroyed on an undisclosed date.  Then in 2012, a Plaque was put up claiming Queen Elizabeth II was born at No. 17 Bruton St, when the Cinderella Commoner Princess An Elizabeth was born at No. 5 Bruton St above the Coach & Horses pub.
At The Wall of Wishes Joseph Gregory Hallett says: “Make a wish ... Tell the Doctor” = ‘Tell Jesuit Doctor Giovanni Montini, who stripped Elizabeth of all her Style & Titles’. Pss. Elizabeth: “Anyway the chances of it being granted are very slight.”
Princess Elizabeth: ‘I wish for my Colour of Law Styles to stand up during my cognizant lifetime’.
Princess Elizabeth: “At midnight I’ll turn into a pumpkin and drive away my glass slipper” ... ‘I’m a Walter Mitty Cinderella Commoner Princess.’
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “And that’ll be the end of the fairy tale.”
“The big development” is the British Empire, which CIA Irving’s compromising photos can take over, so a Coach & Horse chimes in to remind us of No. 5 Bruton St and Princess An Elizabeth’s illegitimate birth above the Coach & Horses pub.  Joseph Gregory Hallett takes Princess Elizabeth back to her birth place, the Coach & Horses − Ground Zero − to remind Elizabeth of her illegitimacy.
The Lamp = Jesus’ Lineage & the Lord Mayor of London who acts as the Monarch in London, UK & Overseas.

Joe and Ann get on the Coach & Horses ... and the Time moves from early afternoon to night, from 3:36–10 o’clock, about 6.4 hours.  Here an Hour = a Decade, so the 64 Years from 1953 to 2017.
‘Time’ also refers to the Bible’s Timothy, whom Jesus charged with exposing Frauds in Positions of Power.
It has taken to March–May 2017 to reveal Princess An Elizabeth self-confessing as a fraud on 27 August 1953 on behalf of Princess Elizabeth, with Coronation Day 86 Days earlier on 2 June 1953.

Elizabeth and Joe go dancing to celebrate their Marriage Union, which is Sovereign ... Joined as One ... under the Bridge of Angels and Castle of Holy Angels.
Joseph Gregory BIGLIETT(I) = HALLETT is the TICKET.
Princess An Elizabeth with Hands on hips creates the Infinity Symbol ∞ meaning the marriage is forever.
They glance into each others eyes, heart to heart, reminiscent of Romans 12:5 ‘Joined as One’, or as the Germans called ‘Roman Holiday’: ‘One Heart and one Crown’.

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