Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’ — Ukulele
UK Queen Lady & UK King Laddie

82 minutes into Roman Holiday (82–90 min).

Joseph Gregory Hallett carries Princess An Elizabeth on the Coach & Horses, a CIA reminder to all viewers of Elizabeth’s illegitimacy.  They take 64 years (6.4 hours) to get from Rome’s Wall of Wishes to the Bridge of Angels in view of the Castle of Holy Angels (1953−2017).
They go dancing under the Bridge of Angels and Castle of Holy Angels to celebrate Romans 12:5 Joined as One in their Sovereign Union Marriage (S.U.M.). or as the Germans called it ‘One Heart and one Crown’.
Joseph Gregory BIGLIETT(I) = HALLETT is the TICKET.  Princess An Elizabeth’s Hands on hips creates the Infinity Symbol ∞

Emperor Caesar Hadrian (R. 117–138) adopted his nephew Antonio.  Their surname “Aelius” = ‘Son of the Sun’.  Antonio was the first descendant of both Jesus of England & Jesus of the Algarve.  He became Emperor Caesar Antonio Pius (R.138–161) the middle of ‘The Five Good Emperors’ (R. 96/98–192).  Their favourite place was Milreu near Portugal’s border with Spain.  They left busts in Milreu to honour their Great-Great-Grandfather Jesus.
Joseph Gregory Hallett’s ancestral Portuguese-Spanish surname is ‘Antonio Pura’ = ‘Pure Antonio’.

So when the Sovereign Union Two-Step dance between Joseph Gregory Antonio Pura ‘Biglietti-that’s-the ticket’ Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth ‘Coach-&-Horses-Windsor’ happens under the Bridge of Angels ... Pont Sant’Angelo ... Pons Aelius ... Aelian Bridge ... Bridge of Hadrian ... Bridge of Jesus’ descendants leading to the circular & tallest building in Rome – Castle of Holy Angels ... Castel Sant’Angelo ... Castel Aelius ... Mausoleum of Hadrian (built A.D.134) and his family ... it is honouring Jesus, his descendants, Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Ancestors, and his discoveries of where their common ancestor Jesus lived.
see ‘The Hidden King of England − Arma Christi − Unveiling the Rose’, Volume V, page 1056.

Joseph Gregory Hallett & Princess An Elizabeth are Joined as One in the Sovereign Union Marriage Two-Step Dance ... watched by the Royal Detail who have difficulty recognising Princess An Elizabeth due to her Haircut that removed the body of her Style and Titles, leaving her only as ‘An Elizabeth’ with Colour of Law Styles.
The Royal Detail seek to push Joseph Gregory Hallett into the River and kidnap Princess An Elizabeth.
This is the moment, under the Bridge & Mausoleum of Joseph Gregory’s Ancestors, dancing and Joined as One in their Sovereign Union Marriage that Princess Elizabeth accepts Joseph Gregory Hallett as “The Prize”
... and the moment when the Royal Detail, the Public, Germany and the Royal Mint accept the marriage.

Fifteen (15) Years later, this leads to the UK Coins minting the Transfer of the Crown from ‘Her Royal Domain’ to ‘His Royal Domain’ as “ELIZABETH II (to) GREG HALET IBEZ” (1953 to 1968−2017).
Princess An Elizabeth says an intimate: “Hullo” to Joseph Gregory Hallett who replies with an intimate “Hullo” as they are on the same coin.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Mr Bradley: if you don’t mind my saying so, I, I think you are a Ringer.”
A Ringer = Look-alike, in this case a ‘Look-alike of a Royal’.
A Ringer = Counts the Rings on Felled Trees to establish the Good Wood from the Dead Wood = “Bradley”.  “Bradley” = ‘Fell the Dead-Wood Royal Family Tree’.  “Can’t see the wood for the trees” (UK) or “Can’t see the forest for the trees” (US) = ‘Too involved in the details or story to get the overall picture’.
“Joseph” is the highest name.  “Bradley” = ‘Broad Wood’ & ‘Broad Clearing’ = ‘Felled the Trees to see the Good Wood’.  This is actually what the Halletts did in Rotherfield = R.other-field = Royal-other-field in Wealden, East Sussex, (Woodsmen) on the landside of the Medway (Middleway) in Regni (Kingdom come) Kent.  (‘The Hidden King of England – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’, Vol. IV, p. 832.)
The name “Joseph Bradley” means: ‘Can spot the Good Wood in the forest of trees & clear the Deadwood in the highest name’ = ‘Fell the Dead-Wood Royal Family Tree to reveal the Good Wood’ ... just as a Member of the Star Family is supposed to do.
i.e. Aelius = ‘Son of the Sun’ = Jesus’ Descendants, as all Royalty of the UK & EUR claim in silence.

“The Last Good Pope”, Pope Gregory (r. 590–604) was the first to hide ‘The Prize’ inside the Holy See ...
The ‘Red Movement’ was early magic – Predictive Programming.
J.G.H. was named after G. Peck ... “Peck” = ‘small Kiss’ ... so “Joseph Gregory ‘Peck’ Hallett” = receiving the ‘Kiss of Law from the last Good Pope, to be named “The Prize” as Predictively Programmed’.
This was confirmed by the marriage of Joseph Gregory Peck & Princess An Elizabeth inside the ‘POLIZIA’ building (CCIR), which had been ‘the Papal Tribunal’, then became the ‘Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic’ in 1948, effective from 1956, the same time Elizabeth was removed as Prefix ‘Queen of the United Kingdom’ by Pakistan on 23 March 1956.
“Pakistan” is an anagram for ‘An’s Pakt’ & ‘An is Pakt’.
Joseph Gregory Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth have publicly Joined as One in their Sovereign Union Marriage Two-Step dance under the watchful eye of the Castle of Holy Angels (Aelius) and Royal Detail.
Princess An Elizabeth: “I’ve never heard of anybody so kind.” Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Wasn’t any trouble.”  Princess An Elizabeth: “Also completely unselfish.”
This refers to the True Royal Family allowing the Flat Lie Royals to hold the Throne during “the Shin” years, 1812−2012, after which the Flat Lie Windsors are bound by Pact (An is [in a] Pakt) to hand over the Throne and Crown.
The Barber who gave Princess Elizabeth her Haircut earlier is the real life lover of the Jesuit Doctor who gave Princess Elizabeth her Style and Titles Haircut, leaving her as simply ‘An Elizabeth’.
Barber Mario Delani’s moustache has gone to show he is acting as the real Jesuit Doctor in this movie.
The Red Movement Predictive Programming shows the: Jesuit Barber ... Style Haircut ... The Prize; meet − absolute magic ...
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Well, what did you say the name was?
Mario Delani, I am very glad to know you.”
Mario Delani (M.D.): “Me, Yes” = I’m the Gay Hairdressing partner of the Jesuit Doctor Giovanni Montini who gave Princess Elizabeth her real Haircut and turned her into the Commoner ‘An Elizabeth’.
Jesuit Doctor Giovanni Montini dances with Princess An Elizabeth on Coronation Day, when Elizabeth was taken into a secret room & had to swear entirely different oaths to the Vatican & Holy See ... as witnessed by Elizabeth’s Royal Detail.
Irving: “Who’s Smitty Dancing with?”
Joseph Gregory: “Barber.”
Irving: “‘The Princess and the Barber’” ... meaning Princess An Elizabeth’s Haircut of Royal Style & Titles was photographed.
The Jesuits continue to lead Elizabeth around the Dance Floor, which is recorded.  Elizabeth smiles and waves it off.

Five more Royal Detail arrive to kidnap Elizabeth, which is like taking on a moving train with footmen as it means confronting the Jesuits in Rome.  Even the Dance Floor mirrors a giant “J”.
Looking every bit like the Mafia, Elizabeth’s Detail try to separate Joseph Gregory Hallett and Princess An Elizabeth, but the two are Joined as One swimming together in the same psychic waters.
The Royal Detail try to ignore the Sovereign Union Marriage and trip.

The future Jesuit Pope Paul VI (r. 1963−78) continues to dance with Queen Elizabeth II and even adjusts Elizabeth’s Style and Titles Haircut during the Coronation Day Dance.
Elizabeth bows to the Jesuit Doctor and looks in wonder as to what her Colour of Law Styles will become.
Jesuit Dr. G. Montini combs in some Style and Titles for himself, including ‘a Prince of Europe’ when he became Pope Paul VI (r. 1963−78).
The Jesuit stops Elizabeth touching or altering her own Styles. Elizabeth’s Detail break up the dance with the Jesuit Doctor, dance badly with Elizabeth and prepare for the Royal kidnap ... not a Regicide, but a ‘Reginap’ putting everyone to sleep, including Snow White herself, who is also this Cinderella.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Let me go.  Will you let me go.  Mr Bradley, let me go, will you, Mrs Bradley.”
Elizabeth calls out for “Mr & Mrs Bradley” confirming their marriage.  Elizabeth is married to Joseph Bradley − ‘In the Highest Name Fell the Dead-Wood Royals to Reveal the Good Wood’.
Mr Joseph Bradley moves fast to break up Elizabeth’s Detail hold on An Elizabeth who was given to Joseph Gregory Hallett in October 2011.  A scuffle ensues and the CIA pretends buffoonery.
It’s a Wettin Sovereign (WS) White Screen Trap.
Mr Joseph Gregory Bradley throws some Royal Detail into the River ... off the J-Barge.
Flat Lie Royal Elizabeth throws a Lifebuoy (Live Boy) off the J-Barge, referring to:
1. Elizabeth’s elder half-brother left to die on Hospital Gurney 1924;
2. New Live Boy Kingi George VII born at Christmas 1927 in New Zealand;
3. “The Prize” new Live Boy born within 100 months of Roman Hol.y (Holiday).
More CIA buffoonery and another Royal Detail is knocked into the River.
The Jesuit M.D. Barber combs his hair with Styles.  Joseph Gregory engages the Royal Detail.  The Barber aims is to stop Joseph Gregory fighting the Royal Detail.
At the same time, the music starts up for the main Act ... the Tribulations (2012−19) confirmed by the River Tiberis.

“≈” ‘is homophonous with’ ... “≈” ‘anagrams’
Tiber & Tiberis ≈ Tribulations = conflicted infighting (2012–19).
Chair ≈ Throne: Collapsible Chair = Collapsible Throne.
“Ukulele” ≈ ‘UK-King-Laddie’ & ‘UK-Queen-Lady’.
Ukulele player = “Ukulist” ≈ ‘Eucharist’ = ‘The Last Supper’ eating of Bread & Wine as Jesus’ Flesh & Blood
... more importantly during the Last Supper the Apostle John Mark gifted the Holy Grail to Jesus.
This was spelt “Holy Grael” (A.D. 800–1431). “Gregory Hallett” ≈ ‘Get t.r. Holy Grael’ ≈ ‘Get the Real/Royal Holy Grael’.
Gregory Hallett published the Holy Grail on 16 August 2014, being the change over from the End Times to the New Age.
Gregory Hallett was also selected to represent the End Times ... 7 July 2014–16 August 2014 ... & survived to represent the New Age ... 16 August 2014–25 September 2014 ... “7–7–7”.
Only once the conflicted infighting (Tribulations) is underway, does the Ukulist (Eucharist) carefully place his Ukulele (UK-King-Laddie or UK-Queen-Lady) on a Collapsible Chair (Collapsible Throne).
The Ukulele is then used to Crown whichever Royal Detail is closest.
Princess An Elizabeth grabs the Ukulele and smashes it over the Head of Royal Detail − twice = UK-Queen-Lady & UK-King-Laddie.
Transfer from Roman Holiday in 1953 to Quick raw McGraw in 1959.
“Ukulele” ≈ ‘UK-King-Laddie’ & ‘UK-Queen-Lady’.
The Ukulele was made by Portuguese Immigrants into Hawaii in 1879 when Victoria was Empress and Marcos Manoel was King John II of the United Kingdom, but lived in Portugal.
In Portuguese “el” = ‘the’.  As Sephardic Hebrews they understood the Hebrew “el” & Arcadian “ilu” = ‘god’ or ‘deity’.  In Hawaiian “Ukulele” means ‘A Gift from Abroad’;
“Lele” = ‘To hop like a flea’, to hop, skip & jump a generation, ‘to take flight’ for several generations.
To Portuguese Immigrants in Hawaii, “Ukulele” also meant: ‘The god or deity from abroad’ = ‘The King or Queen from abroad’: ‘The King of the United Kingdom is in Portugal, a Gift to the UK ... hop, skip & Jumping Four Generations’.
The Portuguese Ukulele precedent was ‘Machete’ (Axe) or ‘Machado’ (Axe), the surname of the UK Queen Anna Thereza Pereira Machado in Portugal (1869–1910/22) after which the Ukulele became the Most Popular Instrument in the World
... The Tradition Received keeps the Truth alive in every household. Princess An Elizabeth Crowns whichever Royal Detail is closest to the Truth ... the one closest to Joseph Gregory.
Princess An Elizabeth understands the UK-Queen-Lady & UK-King-Laddie (‘Ukulele’) are in Portugal.
Elizabeth is prepared to smash this Royal Detail over any Royal Detail.
The Ukulele UK-Queen-Lady/UK-King-Laddie creates Law & Order.

Quick Draw McGraw
1953–1959–2012: CIA wanted to constantly remind the Public, at each generation, that Princess ‘An’ Elizabeth was born above the ‘Coach & Horses’ Pub as an illegitimate bastard.
‘Quick Draw McGraw’ a.k.a. Joseph Legal is a Horse Sheriff with opposable thumbs also known as ‘Pepe Legal’ which means ‘Joseph Nice and Legal’.
In the opening credits ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ drives a Stage Coach drawn by two Horses – Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret ... Prancer Elizabeth and Prancer Margaret.
Joseph has his wheels on the ground, but nothing is holding up Pss. An Elizabeth & Pss. Margaret, who tiptoe thru the psychic waters separating themselves from the Coach, while Joseph carries the stage and highlights the Coach & Horses.
World Stage Coach . . . First Initiation Tunnel . . . Second Initiation Tunnel . . .
They cross a Ravine and a River, then go thru two Tunnels ... being Trials, Tribulations and Initiations.
Then the Sheriff Horse Joseph Legal Quick Draw McGraw draws the Stage Coach with the two Horses Margaret & Elizabeth borne inside.
Then Sheriff Joseph Quick Draw McGraw holds the Reigns again and the Coach is borne with Horses’ Elizabeth & Margaret.
From Coach & Horses, to Horse drawn Coach, to Coach & Horses: Joseph legally has the Reigns over Princess Elizabeth borne inside her World Staged Coach & Horses 33 years earlier ... 1926–1959, meaning Elizabeth was 33 years old when Quick Draw McGraw (“QDM”) was initially shown.
The CIA first used Predictive Programming for Extortion ... publicly.
Joseph puts the Brakes on the World Stage which Collapses into the Ground ... lets go of the Reigns and Joseph Nice & Legal slides on in with a 450 degree rotation into the Episodic New Age.
450° (4+5 = 9) = Kingship = Kingship of the New Age.
The CIA had Warner Bros. draw up 45 Episodes of ‘Quick Draw McGraw’, 1959–62.
450° & 45 Episodes shows Quick Draw McGraw is about Kingship (9).

In Spain & Portugal ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ is called “Pepe Legal” where “Pepe” is a petite nom for ‘Joseph’; and “Legal” = ‘Rightful, Legitimate, Permitted, Required, Legally Defined, Status Enacted by Statute ... as well as Bang-up Excellent, Cool, Nice & Legal’.
To put this in some form of name, ‘Pepe Legal’ is: ‘Joseph Legal’, ‘Joseph Excellence’, ‘Bang-up Joseph’, ‘Joseph Nice & Legal’ which suits the cartoon format;
with more legal largess names being: ‘Joseph of Legitimate Status’, ‘Joseph Statutory Jurist’ or ‘Legitimate Joseph Status’ ... as per the end NOTICE where Joseph Gregory Hallett asserts his claim to the House of Joseph.
Horse Sheriff ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ a.k.a. ‘Pepe Legal’ plays ‘Legitimate Joseph Status’ doing silly things showing up Elizabeth: Dangling from an Old Rope connected to Nothing in the Sky & hitting people over the head with a Ukulele ≈ UK-Queen-Lady.
Princess An Elizabeth II has had her Haircut. The High Jesuit Banker is dressed as a Maid, wearing Elizabeth’s Royal Style & Titles as a Wig, then cuts Elizabeth’s higher connections.  Queen Elizabeth II Falls.  Joseph Legal picks up the fall and lands on the now low Jesuit Banker.  Joseph Legal El Kabongs the Rothschilds with a 4-String Ukulele.
Bank, London, May 2012: Rothschild Central Bank of England photograph Joseph Gregory Hallett for their Bulletin Brochure.

Roman Holiday: Princess An Elizabeth: “You want to do a lot of silly things.”
Such Nice & Legal required rightful sillies often turn fortuitous for Joseph Gregory ... and one must consider how incredibly silly Queen Elizabeth II is in her Yellow Spaghetti Hat ... Asinine.
“El Kabong” sounds a lot like ‘Big Ben’.
Big Ben was renamed ‘Elizabeth Tower’ on 6 February 2012 – New Zealand Day.

Quick Draw McGraw parodies Queen Elizabeth II
1. Hits subjects over the head with a Ukulele shouting “El Kabong” = UK King or Queen in Portugal, each of the 4 or 6 strings a generation.  6–8 String Ukulele is Concert, Baritone or Taropatch & tuned like a guitar.
2. Swings from Old Rope attached to Nothing in the sky = No real Style or Titles, only Colour of Law Pie-in-the-Sky Styles.  “Money for Old Rope” = ‘Do Little for the Money’, Style or Titles. Audrey Hepburn played Princess An Elizabeth in ‘Roman Holiday’ then Eliza(beth) DooLittle in ‘My Fair Lady’ (Mayfair) in 1964. Elizabeth Do-Little was born in Mayfair & became Queen Elizabeth II. 3. Each Episode Joseph is shot (surviving murder attempts) by another, or shoots himself in the face at point blank range surviving unscathed = Queen Elizabeth II having Four (4) Children with Three (3) Different Fathers ... & Prince Philip shooting himself in the foot.
Elizabeth is Patron of the BBC & Royal Society of Literature, which leads to Censorship, so all Extortion of Queen Elizabeth II has become ‘Media Control’.
4. Believing Superiority, but Stupid beyond belief parodies the Flat Lie Royals.
5. QDM is about Royalty, directed by the CIA for America & needed to be replayed each decade, so Quick Draw McGraw won an Emmy in 1960.
Explosions & shot in the face at point blank range is Predictive Programming of the Nice & Legal Joseph Gregory Hallett shot (photographed) for the Bank Bank Bulletin (‘Bullet-in’) ... followed by a commentary on the Flat Lie Royals.
6. “McGraw” = ‘Son of Rath’ = Rothschild. “... Rath/Roth/Red Royal Assembly from the Black Sea to Ireland” (‘The Hidden King of England’, Vol. I, page 96)
Quick Draw McGraw = Quick Draw Rothschild ... Quick to Draw down their Drawers and sire another Windsor-Rothschild as was done twelve (12) times from 1818 to 1925. Because the Windsors are illegitimate Windsor-Rothschilds ... called “Bâtards” meaning “Bastards” ... Quick Draw Rothschild further renders Joseph Legal ... just as ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ renders ‘Joseph Legal’ and Quick Draw McGraw’ renders Joseph legal
above the Rothschilds ... confirming rightful, legitimate statutory status, legitimate jurist status & Joseph status enacted by statute ... required, legally defined, nice & legal, excellent and bang-up. Joseph Legal El Kabongs Quick Draw Rothschild.
7. “McGraw” = ‘Son of Rath’. “Rath” = ‘gracious’ = The Red Movement.
8. c.600: Pope Gregory the Great (r. 590–604) started The Red Movement to protect Members of the Star Family inside the Holy See.
9. The Holy See also identified Magic Blood.  Merovingian Blood was considered for Magic Blood ... both hidden & protected.
10. The Red Movement is early Predictive Programming (“PP”).  Early Predictive Programming was magic, revealed by Co-incidence ... as this is.
11. c.1800–1815: Rothschild Bankrupted the British Royal family and downgraded their Style and Titles to Suffix King or Queen of less.
In exchange for continued funding and influence, Rothschild negotiated to breed illegitimate Rothschild–Royals as a ‘Forbidden Secret’.  This was “the Shin” from 1812–2012, out of which would emerge “The Prize”, who would become the King of the New Age, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland, one or both, but preferably ‘One for All and All for One’.
12. The Rothschild Vatican Bankers co-opted The Red Movement to some degree, but still conditional upon turning over the United Kingdom & New Age to “The Prize” according to the closest PP Royal Detail.
13. 1823: Rothschild took over the financial operations of the Catholic Church worldwide, became the Vatican Bankers and influenced The Red Movement in conjunction with the Shin (1812–2012) and British Royal family (1800/15), which from Queen Victoria (b. May 1819) became Rothschild–Royals, but ...
14. By the age of 14, Princess Victoria knew all about “the Shin” (1833) and worked within and around it to make her firstborn legitimate son, Prince Marcos Manoel (35) King John II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland on 6 October 1869.
15. King Edward VII (r. 1901–10) was an illegitimate Rothschild Bâtard conceived under the influence of Burundanga resulting in an “insane” phrenology diagnosis.  Edward VII knew of the Shin & so Regicided his legitimate elder half-brother King John II, then was himself Regicided five (5) weeks later on 6 May 1910.
16. 1901–40: Princess Beatrice destroyed all Queen Victoria’s Diaries & the British Royal family were entrained to operate in ignorance.

The Red Movement failed to protect “The Prize” Prince Marcos Manoel King John II of the United Kingdom in the middle of “the Shin”, 1910.
The Red Movement protected the Star Family and “The Prize” during “the Shin” (19 September 1812–c.19 September 2012) ongoing.
Nearing the Shin end, The Fifth Empire – The Empire of the Holy Spirit, the Tribulations, the End Times, and the New Age gained influence.
‘The Fifth Empire – The Empire of the Holy Spirit’ & ‘The Tribulations’ (March 2012–Autumn 2019) have virtually the same dates, but the days differ, the end month may differ, and the locations differ.
‘The Tribulations’ are worldwide (March 2012–Autumn 2019) but ‘The Fifth Empire – The Empire of the Holy Spirit’ began in Portugal, in Sintra, in March 2012 and continues on from 2019 exponentially. ‘The Tribulations’ involve Perps infighting as they realise the Predictive Programming, including the Regal Map of Europe, the Tradition Received, Knights Templar and Ormus Prieuré de Sion roles in Kingship.  The Perps vie for Predictions versus Purpose versus Positions sustained.  This involves Resignation to some Loss and accepting the End Times for the New Age.  The End Times was the 40 Days from 7 July to 16 August 2014.
The New Age continued for the 40 Days to 25 September 2014 ongoing.
The End Times & New Age provided two Forty (40) Day Periods.
“40 Days” = i. ‘Larger Kingdom’ ii. ‘For Longer’ & iii. ‘A Regime Change’.

The Third 40 Day Period is ... the Crown is transferred via Heroin, known as “The Queen’s Heroin”.
Queen Elizabeth II marked her successor by tracking and surrounding him with her Heroin, from birth for 55 years, in varying locations, and then had the Heroin Trafficker employ him, not pay, then hunt him to death, then admit in the High Court to being Prince Philip’s Agent.
The story ... it goes on and on and branches everywhere ... is part of the test of Kingship ... to survive & record it.
‘The Royal Chart’ showing the Flat Lie Royal illegitimates as London Underground symbols, but including Joseph Gregory Hallett, remained unrebutted as at 0:01 a.m. on 1 January 2017.
Exactly Forty (40) Days later, on 9 & 10 February 2017, the Queen’s Heroin was dumped on the nearest coastline, exactly 40 miles away by three parallel roads.  This marked the third 40-Day Period – ‘the Regime Change’.
When the CIA instigated El Kabong with a Ukulele Crowned over the Touted Head, it was the same as striking Queen Elizabeth II with a Black Wand.
Queen Elizabeth II has been struck with a Black Wand every time Quick Draw McGraw has repeated an El Kabong ... since 1959 ... so for 58 years and counting ... and at the same time ... Quick Draw McGraw renders Joseph Gregory Hallett with the Rightful, Legitimate, Permitted, Required, Legally Defined, Status ... Nice and Legal ... Enacted by Statute.
This is the Predictive Programming NOTICE where “Joseph Gregory Hallett asserts his claim to the House of Joseph” with ‘Legitimate Joseph Status’.

The Portuguese developed the first Ukulele in Indonesia in the 1500s.  This became the ‘Krongcong’, which Americans can’t pronounce, so the CIA adapted it to “Kabong”, with “El Kabong” shouted by ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ as he Crowned his subjects with a Ukulele.
‘Quick Draw McGraw’ is really ‘Quick Draw Rothschild’.  Rothschild are really the ones who do the Crowning.
El Kabong is really a UK King-making Act originating in Portugal, then Rome, the US, the UK & Dominions.
From 1959, “El Kabong” became the new CIA catchphrase for: ‘The Crown of the United Kingdom is in Portugal’.
‘Quick Draw McGraw’ & ‘Pepe Legal’ exposes & parodies Queen Elizabeth II as a Fraudulent Monarch, with the True United Kingdom King & Queen in Portugal, as illustrated by ‘Joseph Gregory Hallett Nice & Legal’.  This was Predictive Programming from 1959.
Joseph Gregory Hallett was conceived Nice & Legal in 1960. Elizabeth was not “Queen of” anything 23 March 1956–7 February 1974 after Pakistan left (‘An is Pakt’) until Grenada joined.
By Tradition Received the Ukulele was in virtually every household 1956–74, and subconsciously children were Crowning each other with their Ukuleles 1959 to 1974.
The CIA is constantly reminding the public at each generation, as long as Elizabeth is alive that:
‘Queen Elizabeth II is an illegitimate born above the Coach & Horses’.
Problem – Reaction – Notification
The CIA incorporated Predictive Programming in their NOTICE, thereby announcing the Solution.
Predictive Programming became available in 1958.
I met the man who captured the equipment, and when I turned up he said: “We’ve been expecting you”.
He lives in the appropriately named “Newcastle”.

In their sketches the QDM cartoonist wrote: “DISS . INSIDE − CLUES CLOSET”
This was written INSIDE DISS, in England, exactly 40 miles from where ‘The Queen’s Heroin’ was dumped, exactly 40 days after ‘The Royal Chart’ had been fulfilled by Joseph Gregory Hallett.  The Predictive Programming confirmed as accurate on so many levels ... and impossible to make up ... only possible to notice and record.

The CIA then had Hanna-Barbera draw up ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ cartoons 1959–62, 1973–78 & 1990.
In 2012 MetLife used ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ for an Insurance Commercial.
Skyfall − Churchill is the Dog leading the Royal Family ... The Royal Family are a Flat Lie Royal Cartoon.  The Royal Family are all now part of the Coach & Horses illegitimacy!
Joseph Legal Gregory Hallett has the Reigns.  Elizabeth & Margaret separate from the Royal Family.
Without Reigns, Joseph leads the Royal Family on their downhill slide & manages to keep it on track across the wide chasm of the Tribulations.
The “High-Falutin’est” Chest full of Royal Marks was delivered from Queen Victoria in 1850 and is opened rarely.
“Brand new Hits every time it turned around” refers to assassinations around the time Royalty is changed.
This confirms the incumbent Royal family’s Mafia essence due to their illegitimacy ... status ‘Flat Lie Royal’.

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