Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Predictive Programming in ‘Roman Holiday’ Ukulele
“The Prize” is Crowned for Christmas

90 minutes into Roman Holiday (90–103 min).

Princess An Elizabeth Crowns Joseph Gregory with the Ukulele on the way up, making Joseph Gregory the UK-King-Laddie.
Joseph Gregory is Crowned as he straddles the Unconscious Royal Detail.
The Crowning of Joseph Gregory is with an unbroken Ukulele = UK-King-Laddie who has fulfilled the Tradition Received Predictions.
The BIG ARSE of the ROYAL DETAIL takes up a third of the picture.  BIG ARSE ROYAL DETAIL obscure Joseph Gregory from the Camera ≈ removing JGH from the Timeline.  It is a BIG ARSE/ASK for the ROYAL DETAIL to obscure Joseph Gregory’s Crowning.
Princess An Elizabeth second Crowns the closest Royal Detail to Joseph Gregory, but breaks then smashes the Ukulele over this Royal Detail ... the equivalent of breaking & smashing the Crown Hat, Orb and Sceptre in a Tantrum.
PO-LIZIA = BIT-LIZIA = ELIZABETH.  Two POLIZIA/ELIZABETH Vehicles arrive ... ‘The Crown Hat & Throne’ and ‘the Crown’!
Irving: “Joe, get my car keys ... the other side of the Bridge.”
Joseph Gregory & An Elizabeth escape together across water to the foot of Castle Aelius ... the Source of All UK & EUR Royalty.
Pied Cat meowing = ‘The Cat’s Meow’ = the Bee’s Knees = the Highest Quality People.
Both Gregory Peck & Joseph Gregory Hallett were keen Rowers.
Joe & Elizabeth’s Shadow are Joined as One.  The Shadow doing its own thing = ‘Peter Pan’.
Queen Victoria commissioned Peter Pan based on Prince Marcos Manoel, “The Prize” who became King John II (UK).
This means Queen Victoria & Elizabeth II acknowledge Joseph Gregory is “The Prize” to be King John III of the UK.
Joseph Gregory & Peter Pan’s Living Shadow are joined at the heels and are holding hands.
Joseph Gregory is Peter Pan’s right hand = legitimate.
Joseph Gregory holds Queen Elizabeth II’s left hand = illegitimate.
Queen Victoria, Prince Marcos Manoel, King John II of the UK, and Queen Elizabeth II acknowledge Joseph Gregory Hallett as the legitimate Prize to be King John III of the UK.
Peter Pan’s Living Shadow is rejoined at the fingertips in Joseph Gregory = the embodiment of Peter Pan.
Previously Peter Pan’s Living Shadow was sewn into his Heels.  “Heel” = wait ... another 111 years.
That Joseph Gregory is the embodiment of Peter Pan is a knockout for this Royal Detail . . .
Rome’s Police pick up the Unconscious Royal Detail already knocked out by Joseph Gregory.
The waiting Royal Detail double King-hits Joseph Gregory H. into the Tiber river ≈ Tribulations, 2012–19.
Princess An Elizabeth attacks the Royal Detail & jumps into the Tiber river after Joseph Gregory Hallett.
Rome Police immediately arrest the Royal Detail that double King-hit Joseph Gregory into the Tribulations (Tiber river).
The music starts up again, and everything gets re-organised as Joseph Gregory Hallett & Princess An Elizabeth swim safely in the same Psychic Waters of the Tribulations (Tiber) under the protection of Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Ancestors.
They help each other to Safe Harbour.  Joseph Gregory Hallett and Queen Elizabeth II have a laugh and compliment each other on how they have played the Game.
Joseph Gregory Hallett: “Say, you know you were great back there.”  Queen Elizabeth II: “You weren’t so bad yourself.”
They consummate their Sovereign Union Marriage with a Kiss ... Joined as One with a Roman Peck 12:5.
The Camera pans to Castle Aelius acknowledging the Ancestor of all UK & EUR Royalty.
Emerging from the Psychic Waters, crossing the 1911 Emmanuel II bridge to Irving’s vehicle in front of Castle Aelius ... to Joe’s Place is 2017 metres ≈ the Year 2017.
‘Yards’ are used to Predict ‘Years’, but Italy went metric in 1862.
From where Joseph Gregory & An Elizabeth first met at the Arch of Septimius (Seventh) near the Temple of Saturn (Celestial Farming) in the old Roman Forum (Tribunal) to the Pont Sant’Angelo (Bridge of Angels) dancing barge ... & from sharing the same Psychic Waters in the ‘Tiber’ as if for the ‘Tribulations’ under the Bridge of Angels and Castle of Holy Angels to Joseph Gregory’s Jacob’s Ladder & Crown versus No Crown ... triangulates in all three directions as 2017 metres by road.
Their Two-Step dance May be a kind of March, so their March–May 2017 Prediction is Perfect for when this was discovered.
‘Roman Holiday’ anagrams ‘H. Royal Domain’ = Transfer from ‘Her Royal Domain’ to ‘His Royal Domain’ in 2017.
The Roman Holiday film time-skips 6.4 hours.  1 film hour = a decade, so 6.4 hours = 64 years.  1953 + 64 Years = 2017.
The 2017 metres from where they met at the Seventh Celestial Farming Tribunal ... to Joseph Gregory’s Jacob’s Ladder Crown versus No Crown and to their Sovereign Union Marriage dance Joined as One under the Bridge of Angels and Castle of Holy Angels ... and from there to Joseph Gregory’s ... is thrice 2017 metres.
All Three Roads in Rome State the Distance of 2017 for the Year 2017.  This is confirmed by the 6.4 hour film time-skip to 2017.

Royal & Celestial Shapes or Royal & Celestial Form
Mausoleum of Hadrian Castle Aelius Sant’Angelo Castle of Holy Angels Honouring Jesus’ Descendants Dancing scene backdrop (Open to cars until 2000)
The Pentagram is a ‘Starfish’ a.k.a. ‘Asteroid’.  This Christmas Pentagram represents ‘Isis’ whose petit nom is “Mr-ee” – Egyptian for ‘Beloved’.
“Mr-ee” became ‘Mary’ or ‘the Maries’ being a female Priestess Craft incorporating the Egyptian Priestess Traditions within Christianity.
“Maries” & “Aelius” have the common letters “Seia–Eias–Saie” ... homophonous with “See, Hear, Say” from which we may get “See no evil, Hear no evil, Say no evil” ... Hearsay ... See Here ... Seer Heir ... Heir Say ... No evil Here ... No evil Heirs.

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Mathew 22:21)
This is a Vow and a Riddle in which Jesus’ descendants wins both ways.
From “Vowel” we get “Vow”, as in ‘Vow to Aelius’, the surname of the Caesars (A.D. 98–192).
“Aelius” has all five Vowels ‘a e I.O.U.’ with “O” emanating from its meaning − ‘Son of the Sun’ − riddling ‘Vow to Jesus’.  “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars” means ‘Vow to the Jesus Lineage’ ... who were the Caesars 98–192.

“Aelius” & “Marie” together spell “S. Lemuria” ≈ ‘Sovereign of Lemuria’ & ‘S. Rule Lemuria’ ≈ ‘Sovereign Ruler of Lemuria’ & ‘Lemuria Rules’ as predicted in the Tradition Received ... as well as ‘Mu Rules’... ‘Mu’ ≈ ‘Lemuria’.
When the common letters are removed ... “Aelius” & “Marie” spell “S rl Mu” ≈ ‘S. Rule Mu’ ≈ ‘Sovereign Ruler of Lemuria’ ... as well as “Mrs Lu” ≈ ‘Mrs Lemuria’ (Isis) & “S. Lmur” ≈ ‘Sovereign Lemuria’.
“Aelius & Marie” work together as a Spell for ‘Marie is the alias of Isis’ & “Isis” is the ‘Sovereign I’ of the Macrocosm & ‘sovereign i’ of the microcosm ... the quality of ‘Godhead’ the Traditions aspire to.

Four Royal Lines emanate from Hadrian’s Mausoleum
Royal Asteroid Starfish Pentagram containing a Pentagon within a Pentagon within a Pentagon Squaring the Circle Generate four (4) Royal Lines with Three Royal Crowns.
7 sides of an Octagon = 8/7 = Royal ... Royal Crown to the East, West & North.
This forms the backdrop to Joseph Gregory & Princess An Elizabeth celebrating their Sovereign Union Marriage Joined as One.  They do their Two-Step Dance in the Realm of Soul’s divine Mystery, which re-emerges as the Crown to the South.
The Fourth Royal Crown of Soul’s Divine Mystery comes from the South, rendering the Royal Crown to the East, West, North & South.
This is the Benjamin Gate which lets the Southern King in.
The Royal Crown to the South was rendered invisible in 1557 when the Aelian Mausoleum Starfish Asteroid Pentagram Castel of Holy Angels Southern Fortress Walls were washed away by the Tiber 460 years ago (1557–2017).
The Royal Crown of Soul’s Divine Mystery to the South is remembered by the Southern Star and the Sovereign Union Marriage of Princess An Elizabeth & Joseph Gregory Joined as One in the 1953 ‘Roman Holiday’ where ‘Her Royal Domain’ is transferred to ‘His Royal Domain’ ... confirming the Royal Crown from the South and reinvigorating it.

Shroud of Turin Effigy
The view from above Hadrian’s Mausoleum / Castle of Holy Angels reveals a Shroud of Turin-style effigy of a bearded Jesus in a Beloved Starfish Asteroid Isis Crypt.  Here Pine Trees point to Jesus’ ‘Pineal Gland’ & the North Crown.
Hadrian’s Mausoleum is Jesus’ Throat ornament, indicating Jesus’ Descendants have been charged with communicating for him.
Mausoleum of Hadrian Castle of Holy Angels Honouring Jesus communicating through the Pineal Gland to his Descendants ... 4 Royal Lines, 3 Crowns plus a 4th Crown of Soul’s Divine Mystery.

Christmas Tree and Ornaments ... Angels and Asteroid/Starfish
Emperor Caesar Hadrian built Hadrian’s Bridge a.k.a. Pons Aelius in A.D. 134, then built Hadrian’s Mausoleum 134–39 a.k.a. Castel Aelian, which came to house the ashes and mortal remains of the Emperor Caesars’ (R. 98–192) Trajan, Hadrian, Antonio Pius, Lucius Verus, Marcus Aurelius & Commodus.
These were known as ‘The Five Good Emperors’.  They were all descendants of Jesus. The Catholic Church came to know this.  (‘The Hidden King of England – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’, pp. 1056, 160–66.)
The South-facing Aelian Bridge was the only access to the Mausoleum of Hadrian, which was encased in White Marble and Glistened in the Sun like a Christmas Tree.
Hadrian’s Mausoleum was converted into a Military Fortress in 401, just in time for the Visigoths to sack Rome on 24 August 410.  The Visigoths portended to scatter the Aelian ashes and remains of The Five Good Emperors, but actually retained them and all the urns, except for Hadrian’s which was too heavy to transport, so left empty.  Of Jesus’ Descendants in Rome, none were left by 1 September 410.
The Visigoths returned to sack Rome 127 years later in 537.  The Romans responded by breaking up the Aelian statues and throwing them from the top of Hadrian’s Mausoleum onto the Goths, and shaping broken statue into canon balls, complete with eyes & ears, still visible.
This worked for both sides as the Goths had got the Romans to destroy their own Jesus-Lineage landmarks, such that Rome had none and the Goths had the urns, ashes & remains from 410.
The Popes then went about inventing Angels.  After the plague in 590, Hadrian’s Bridge became Ponte Sant’Angelo, and Hadrian’s Mausoleum became Castel Sant’Angelo – the Castle of Holy Angels in 1200.

Passetto di Borgo of 1277
After the Catholic Church came to know ‘The Five Good Emperors’ were all descendants of Jesus (‘The Hidden King of England’ p. 1056) 77 Years later Pope Nicholas III built the private 800 metre elevated escape Pathway ‘Passetto di Borgo’ to connect Vatican Palace to Castel Sant’Angelo from 1277.
St Peters, Vatican City, Holy See looks almost directly East to the Mausoleum of Hadrian Castle Aelius Sant’Angelo Castle of Holy Angels Honouring Jesus’ Descendants
Public Path to St Peters, Vatican City & Holy See, 1,000 metres to Basilica at 87.78° East = Royal Angle ≈ Royal Angel.
In 1494 Pope Alexander VI & in 1527 Pope Clement VII used the ‘Passetto di Borgo’ to escape into the Fortress Citadel Keep Hadrian’s Mausoleum had become.
The Passetto di Borgo was opened to the public in the Roman Catholic Jubilee year of 2000, but only for two (2) summer months, in lieu of forgiveness of debts.  i.e. an escape route had been provided.
The Pentagram Starfish bastion enclosing walls were built in 1556, but the southern end was washed away by Tiber floods in 1557.
The Papal Tribunal was housed in the center of Sant’Angelo where there was a massive explosion in 1797.  Its role as a Fortress Citadel ended when the Papal Garrison left Sant’Angelo on 20 September 1870.

Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, usurped by the illegitimate British Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
The Five Good Emperors were all descendants of Jesus.  Their ashes were therefore King-making Relics.
The remains of The Five Good Emperors were taken by the Visigoths in 410, and a thin line of this emerged as the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha on 16 December 1826, who came to rival the Catholic Church for Kingship.
This was revealed in Queen Victoria’s Wedding Cup, which portended to celebrate her 1840 Marriage to Prince Albert, but was in fact a Birthing Cup revealing the diaspora of Victoria’s Visigoth and Gotha Ancestors, which Victoria included in the chest full of Royal Marks she presented to her firstborn Prince Marcos Manoel in late April 1850.
The Visigoth Diaspora & Gotha Journey overlap with Gotha branching north to Gotha ... both use the Gold Line.
Queen Victoria married the second-in-line to the Throne, Blind Prince George of Cumberland in March 1834, and in April 1834 bore him a legitimate son, Prince Marcos Manoel, who was recognised as the Sangrëal – the Blood Royal.  Queen Victoria made Prince Marcos Manoel King John II of the United Kingdom and All Ireland in October 1869.  Seven Years later in 1876, Victoria was made Empress of India.  (‘The Hidden King of England – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’, 2014.)

In 1840 Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert was purposefully Bigamous, and Albert was given British Citizenship under a misspelt name & married under a misspelt name without lawful UK Citizenship.
This was done under the instructions of Lord Melbourne: Prime Minister 16 July–14 November 1834, 18 April 1835–30 August 1841.
The British tried to usurp the Name, Title & Possessions of the German ‘Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’ with the manufacture of the British ‘House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ in 1840 ... but ‘Prince Albert of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’ was an illegitimate bâtard and only ‘Albert of Saxony’, and not even a prince ... who did not sire any of Queen Victoria’s children, and was only made ‘Prince consort Albert’ 73 days after the last official child, Pss. Beatrice was born.
Four (4) years later, the likely virgin & misnamed ‘Prince consort Albert’ was tied to a bed in the Blue Room of Windsor Castle with the windows left open until Albert died of the winter cold in December 1861.
Albert’s marriage to Victoria was bigamous, illegitimate and null & void, producing nine (9) illegitimate bâtards (b.1840–57).
“Prince Albert” was just Albert of Saxony – illegitimate son of the Stable Boy Alex Hanstein.
Albert remained ‘Albeit Illegitimate & Unmarried’.
To improve his perceived chances of legitimacy to Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, and the Visigoths, and to Rome, the non-prince Albert of Saxony introduced the Christmas Tree to Britain in 1840 ... but even this was futile as King George III’s wife, the African Queen Charlotte had already introduced the Christmas Tree in 1800.  Charlotte’s father, King George III’s father-in-law was a hundred per cent (100%) Black African ... Abram Petrovich Gannibal (Peter the Cannibal).  “Charlotte” is a play on ‘Chocolate’ ... ‘Chocolate of Wales’.

European Blacks as Kings of England, 1820–37
This meant that King George III and the Mulatto Queen Charlotte’s fifteen (15) children were all Quarter-Black. King George IV (R. 1820–30) and King William IV (R. 1830–37) were both Quarter Black – Quadroons.
Their trait, from their Grandfather Peter the Cannibal, was sexual compulsion, random sexual acts, and no legitimate children.
King George IV (R. 1820–30) had 7,000 lovers, one (1) unwanted child Charlotte/Chocolate of Wales who died (aged 21) giving birth to a stillborn in 1817, which began a Royal Breeding Race that produced Queen Victoria.
King William IV (R. 1830–37) had ten (10) illegitimate children with an Actress who presented herself as Dorothea Jordon, but was Dorothea Bland (aged 0–21), three generations illegitimate, a stage prostitute from the age of thirteen (13) giving birth at twenty (20) to her first illegitimate child, another lover, changed her surname from ‘Bland’ to ‘Jordon’ (aged 21) then (aged 25–27) had three more illegitimate children to another lover, then abandoned all these four (4) children within two (2) years, and after five (5) partners took up with William, 2nd in line to the Throne of the United Kingdom.
The Quadroon King William IV had ten (10) illegitimate children with the child prostitute Dorothea Bland Jordan, who already had four (4) illegitimate Bastards.
Five of the six Dukes in the UK are descended from Stage Prostitutes who were elevated to Courtesans.
The UK’s worst-ever Prime Minister (2010–16) descends from the child prostitute Dorothea Bland Jordan & William IV.

Christmas Tree Origins
It appears that the origin of the Christmas Tree was maligned in 1840, maligned in 1800, and all the stories we are told of the Origin of the Christmas Tree are wrong on so many levels.  Let the Proof emerge . . .
Christmas is a hidden in plain sight allegory of Jesus’ Descendants once interred at Hadrian’s Mausoleum for 271 years ... which became the Castle of Holy Angels 790 years after they had all been removed (139–410–1200).  Thus Christmas is a remembrance of what was in Hadrian’s Mausoleum 139–410 before the Visigoths seconded the Jesus-lineage King-making relics, becoming the Goths of Gotha, and the German Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha in 1826, which was usurped in faulted manner by the frauds of the Brit-House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840–93–1917/8, but still managed to compete with the Catholic Church in the role of King-making.
The King-making was usually of themselves.  Even the Popes made themselves Princes of Europe.

The British House of Saxe-Coburg and Goth passed the Kingship to their Niece, Sons & House-Daughter, even when they knew they were illegitimate Bâtards, as was the case in 1837, 1901, 1910 & 1952.

In 1556, Starfish Pentagram walls were built surrounding the Castle of Holy Angels.
The Pentagram symbolises Isis, the Virgin Mary & The Maries.  The Sun and the Fish symbolise Jesus.
The Sun is a Star, so Jesus is symbolised by Star+Fish = Starfish. The other name of a “Starfish” is ‘Asteroid’.
The Starfish Pentagram walls surrounding the Castle of Holy Angels represent Jesus and Mary’s Star Family Tree.
An Angel was added to your Christmas Tree to confirm the name change from the ‘Mausoleum of Hadrian’ to ‘Castle of Holy Angels’ in 1200.
The soft Pentagram Starfish Asteroid on top of your Christmas Tree represents the Jesus & Mary Star Family Tree and the Angel was added to confirm the location of the source of Christmas ... and its Generative Religion.
This needed to be remembered annually as the Jesus & Mary descendant remains were removed in 410 ... and the Southern portion of the Starfish Pentagram walls surrounding the Castle of Holy Angels were raised by a raised Tiber river after just One Year in 1557.
Symbolically this rendered the Royal Crown to the South invisible. This required remembering.
The invisible Royal Crown to the South is remembered as the Southern Star.
When the Visigoths took Rome and Hadrian’s Mausoleum in 410, they seconded the Aelian Ash, and from this came the House of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (Goth) in 1826, and their illegitimate agent, the non-Prince Albert in 1840 who claimed to bring the Christmas Tree to the United Kingdom.
This scattering of the Aelian ashes is repeated in the Christmas Frankincense & Myrrh, as well as fairy lights and tinsel.

The Royal Crown to the South lets the Southern King in
The Royal Crown to the South is accessed via ‘Soul’s Divine Mystery’ and is claimed in an equally mysterious manner ... Romans 12:5 Joined as One in the Sovereign Union Marriage of Joseph Gregory & Princess An Elizabeth as claimed by the CIA, Germans & ‘Roman Holiday’ ... an Anagram for the transfer of ‘Her Royal Domain’ to ‘His Royal Domain’.
As such this S.U.M. Joined as One Romans 12:5 dancing scene backdrop is a Benjamin Gate.
A Benjamin Gate lets the Southern King in.

Mausoleum of Hadrian Sant’Angelo Castle of Holy Angels Honouring Jesus’ Descendants with the origin of Christmas Tree & Decorations.
This Starfish Asteroid Pentagram has 10-Sides.  The southern end was washed away in 1557. 10-Sided Peacock Prism.  Sant’Angelo = Holy Angel = Christmas Angel.
North Crown, East Crown, West Crown and now the South Crown reappears.
We have Jesus’ remains.  They are wrapped in Red & Green Ribbon, as signed by the Holy See hence the Red & Green Colours used at Christmas.
So how do you indicate Jesus’ remains ... how you indicate Jesus remains ... Red & Green ribbons around presents ensures Jesus Remains Present.
The whole Family sits around the Holy Family Tree while Red & Green ribbons around presents ensures Jesus Remains Present.
Hadrian’s Mausoleum elevated Statues before they were broken up and thrown down on the Visigoths in 537.

Princess An Elizabeth plays with her Colour of Law Style, which is all that is left ... while dressed in Joseph Gregory’s clothes.
Joseph Gregory: “Everything ruined?” Princess An Elizabeth: “No.”
Joseph Gregory: “Suits you.  You should always wear my clothes.” Princess An Elizabeth: “Seems I do.”
Pss. Elizabeth admits she is wearing Joseph Gregory’s clothes.
Joseph Gregory: “I thought a little wine might be good.”  Wine = Vine Lineage back to Jesus = Source of Royalty.
Princess An Elizabeth has cooked these books, so says: “Shall I cook something?”
Joseph Gregory has not Cooked the Vine Lineage, so says: “No Kitchen.  Nothing to Cook.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Do you like that?”
Joseph Gregory: “Well life isn’t always what one likes, is it?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “No, it isn’t.”
After it is established that Joseph Gregory has no Kitchen and An Elizabeth can no longer Cook, they both drink from the Vine Lineage.
A Day = A Reign. Joseph Gregory: “You’ve had quite a Day/reign.”
Queen/ Pss. An Elizabeth: “A wonderful Day/reign.”
RADIO: ‘Princess An Elizabeth was taken ill due to her Haircut of All Royal Styles and Titles’.  “This has given rise to rumours that her condition may be serious, which is causing alarm & anxiety among the people in her country.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “The news can wait till tomorrow” ... at the end of my reign ... “Can I have some more wine?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “Sorry I couldn’t cook us some dinner” = Elizabeth can no longer ‘Cook the Royal Books’ as she has been discovered as a ‘source of serious rumours and alarming anxiety amongst the people of the United Kingdom’.
Joseph Gregory: “Well, it looks like I’ll have to move ... and get myself a place with a kitchen” = move into your place.
Princess An Elizabeth: “Yes.”  My situation is exposed.  I relinquish the Throne to Joseph Gregory.  Princess An Elizabeth: “I have to go now.”  Princess An Elizabeth chokes back her sorrow, then cries on Joseph Gregory’s shoulder.
Joseph Gregory: “There’s something that I want to tell you.” (The 200-year Shin will end your Day/reign.)
Princess An Elizabeth: “No, please ... nothing.”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I must go and get dressed” for the ex parte.
This scene is a parallel of Princess Victoria’s separation from baby Prince Marcos Manoel in July 1834, when Victoria was just 15.

Ambassador: “Your Royal Highness: twenty-four hours – they can’t all be blank.”  24 Hours = a Day = Elizabeth’s entire Reign blank.
Princess An Elizabeth: “They are not” ... they are filled with failed attempts to make me legitimate & continuous revelations handing over the Crown to Joseph Gregory Hallett.
Ambassador: “What explanation am I to offer their Majesties?”
Princess An Elizabeth: “I was indisposed.  I am better” ... now that I realise my Total Haircut of all Styles and Titles is exactly what I deserved ... as the Real Titles belong to another.
Ambassador: “Ma’am: you must appreciate that I have my duty to perform, just as Your Royal Highness has her duty ...
Princess An Elizabeth: “Your Excellency: I trust you will not find it necessary to use that word again.  Were I not completely aware of my duty to my family and my country, I would not have come back tonight.”
Princess An Elizabeth realises “her duty” is to transfer the Crown from ‘Her Royal Highness’ to ‘His Royal Highness’ Joseph Gregory.
Princess An Elizabeth: “... or indeed ever again”, as An Elizabeth is Framed in her Haircut of all Styles.
The Mirrored Hearth = the Mirrored Heart ... Queen Victoria with her baby Prince Marcos Manoel; Princess An Elizabeth with Joe Gregory Joined as One (Romans 12:5); Princess An Elizabeth as Queen Elizabeth; and Queen Elizabeth II with Joseph Gregory Hallett ... knock on wood . . .

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