Predictive Confirmation Programming:
X-Men 2000

Joseph Gregory Hallett in Popular Culture

‘Joseph Gregory Hallett in Popular Culture’ covers the Predictive Programming and Confirmation Programming of The Big Picture.

This includes the Shin “W” or Forbidden Secret in the shape of Wolverine’s virtually indestructible Adamantium metal claws.

In Popular Culture, Anubis − Egyptian man with jackal or Wolf’s head − is transfigured into the Wolverine − Man with Wolf’s hairdo, sideburns, strength, and claws in the W-shape of the Shin.

Read: Wolverine is showing you the Forbidden Secret of the last 2,000 years.

Wolverine appears menacing, but is actually the nice sensitive guy who heals people including Professor X and Marie (twice).  Wolverine intimates Jesus, or at least the King-making of Jesus.

Wolverine’s Dog Tag is Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Phone Number, Age, and confirmation of JGH’s position in the Star Family, which is above all Royalty in the UK and Europe.  The tattooed number of Magneto’s arms is the 21st birthday of Joseph Gregory Hallett, confirming he is running “the Shin” whose number is “21”.  This was also the day Princess Grace Kelly died.

Wolverine’s exoskeleton shows the Shroud of Turin, then Joseph Gregory Hallett’s Great-Grandfather’s Joe 90 Egg Beater.

Wolverines Harley Registration Plate is “4 AD1” confirming he is riding Jesus’ vehicle.  Wolverine is then crucified in the form of the Shroud of Turin, and his “W” shin claws are found on the Arma Christi Cross of Prince Marcos Manoel who became King John II of the United Kingdom.

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