Elizabeth II’s Illegitimate Birth in Popular Culture & the Ambiguity of the Crown.
Elizabeth Abdicates to Greg Hallett through the Coins of the United Kingdom.

Codifying then Destroying Elizabeth’s Birthplace

Queen Elizabeth II’s official Birthplace, No 17 Bruton Street, was bombed to order on an undisclosed date in World War Two.
It was rebuilt on an undisclosed date to imitate the Pound Sterling, in the same proportions as the Chanel No 5 Bottle, confirming Elizabeth was born at No 5 Bruton St, an illegitimate daughter of Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid.

Elizabeth II’s official Birthplace Marked the demise of the Pound and Crown, confirmed by Fabergé Brut (1964) & Brut 33 (1968).
‘Get your Brut-on’ means Bruton Street.

The Decimal Coins began to read “ELIZABETH TO GREG”, 1968—2015 on 56 Billion Coins.
From 1971, Elizabeth was no longer backed by Silver, the metal of Kings, and the Pounds Sterling became the Pound.
Elizabeth’s Portrait was removed from the Pound Notes and replaced with Mrs Sanderson.

Marilyn Monroe with Chanel No 5 was Code for ‘We know Elizabeth is an illegitimate Commoner’.

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